Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Friday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 26, .Oct Islamabad, .26 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ........ setup Afghan broad-based backs Turkey * help OIC UN, seeks moot peace Peshawar * stop bus hideouts, suspected bombs .S.U * need in Islamabad by stand to Riyadh * Afghanistan in bloodshed fears UN * Osama trace to weeks need may troops UK * Kashmir in killed 20 among soldiers 9 * refugees Afghan to envoy sends Pope * News The ........... Rumsfeld :Osama get never may .S.U * die 8 as bombs cluster of use slams UN * Sezer says Pakistan, by stand to Turkey * Afghanistan in mission new for ready gets ISI * Minister :suspects Al-Qaeda capture to trying Pakistan * 28 October on Pakistan in arrives Brahimi * Nation The ............. leave to foreigners ask leaders Afghan * ADB :fallout economic severe faces Pakistan * plan Gwadar save to China visit to Musharraf * destruction inspect to OIC ask Taliban * UN :actions military .S.U during observed be must laws HR * Post Frontier The .................... Afghanistan to Shah Zahir invites Jirga * Taliban back plan, Jirga reject Ulema Pak * Musharraf with talk telephonic holds Chirac * Afghan on mercy for Mojaddedi * casualties see to OIC invite Taliban * BBC :Pakistan from operating Al-Qaeda * Observer Pakistan .................... setup Afghan new in role Pak rejects Powell * Afghans for self-rule pleads Brahimi * firing border Indian in killed Pakistani 2 * refugees handle to help world seeks Pak * UK :winter and Ramadan through continue to war Afghan * Kabul post-Taliban in role UN backs France * govt Afghan broad-based support Austria Iran, * /MMZ/BH/AR End