Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press :.S.U to suspect over hands Pakistan foreigner suspected a over handed Pakistan -- IRNA 26,.Oct Islamabad, in circumstances mysterious in Karachi at authorities .S.U the to .Friday on "News The" reported Tuesday, of hours early the an was he that suspicions strong are there that said daily The infamous some to connections with University, Karachi of student Arab .organizations owned aircraft Falcon a that stated newspaper the sources, Quoting 00:01 around at airport Karachi the at landed airforce .S.U the by .man suspected the fetch to hours Amman from landed P N-379 .No registration having aircraft The .said daily the destination, same the for am 40.2 at departed and and identification the about said be could nothing said it However, .S.U the to over handed person the of nationality involved persons all that mysterious so was operation entire The masked A .masks wearing were troops, .S.U including operation the in .operation entire the filming was trooper .S.U Aviation, Chemic airport, Karachi the at company service private A person wanted The .aircraft .S.U the to services airport the provided was he as national Pakistani a not was forces .S.U the to over handed . deportee a as addressed Force Security Airport and Authority Aviation Civil the in one No in kept was Everything .operation the of details the about knew .explained daily the agency, an by operated and secret over handed have authorities Pakistani that first the for is It There .airport Karachi at authorities .S.U the to person wanted any of one been have may extradited person the that speculation some was .Chaman at border Pak-Afghan at recently arrested Arabs the in point no was there added, newspaper the said, sources But .airport Karachi through him send to and Karachi to over him bringing of student Arab an that is possibility likely most The missing been has who University, Karachi of department microbiology .deported man the be could month this of start the since He .Yemen of city Aiz, to belonged Mohammad Saeed Qasim Jamil missing, went he before Just .Sana from 1993 in Karachi to came all send to administration university the asked had Ministry Interior .man the about information the or organization terrorist any with connection his said daily The .confirmed be not could deported was he why and if /MMZ/BH/AR End