Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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foreseen project railway Tehran-Caspian Second second A -- IRNA 25, Oct ,.Prov Mazandaran Anzali, Bandar and Rasht with Tehran link eventually will that railway Tehran-Caspian the of part now is railway Russian the with later and Anzali Bandar .Iran of projects development railway Thursday here said commission development majlis the of head The contribute directly will networks communication of establishment that .development economic to its and transport marine with relation in IRNA told Nariman Mohsen Anzali Bandar in country the of network railway the to connection is development economic attain can Iran which by ways the of one that to nearer network railway the get transportation, marine develop to .international lines communication make and ports the is up following is majlis the that issues the of one that said He to therefrom and province Gilan to network railway of development railway Russian the with link final its probably and Azarbayjan .network railway of development for preliminaries the that added He been have tenders and now way under is province Gilan to network .Rasht and Ghazvin to railway the of connection for made Bandar at problems existing resolve to bid a in him to According .city this for approved is road ring a of construction Anzali the of deputies commission, development majlis the of Members Gilan of General Governor and ministry transport and road .Thursday on Anzali Bandar visited Soltanifar Masoud .Mr rovince, visited delegation the that said commission development of Head road, ring Anzali Bandar for projects plans development the projects housing condominium structures, port roads, communication .progress in are that projects other several and of deputies four MPs, majlis of consisting delegation 12-man A and plan the from representative a ministry, transport and road the .present were engineers and experts executive and organization budget BM/HR End