Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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/WRD/ Turkey - Pakistan of settlement peaceful for support reiterate Turkey Pakistan, Cyprus Kashmir, their reiterated have Turkey and Pakistan - IRNA 25, Oct Islamabad, and Kashmir of issues the of settlement peaceful and just for support multi-ethnic based broad a of establishment the for and Cyprus, .interference outside without Afghans the by chosen freely government General Turkey and Pakistan of Presidents the by stated was This here conference news joint a at Sezer Necdet .Mr and Musharraf Pervez two about for lasted which talks formal their after night Thursday .hours settlement lasting a for closely work to agreed countries two The bilateral upgrade to agreed also They .problem Afghan the of .fields commercial and economic in cooperation Turkish the of visit the that said Musharraf Pervez President Turkish of manifestation a is juncture important this at President and in-depth held We" .Pakistan of security the with solidarity and issues bilateral of range entire covering discussions useful .said he ,"region the in situation prevailing and Afghanistan saved have could government Taliban the said He UN the with complying by suffering is it damage the from people its .resolution Council Security of interest the jeopardized government Taliban the of decision The against support Pakistan's said He .people own its of millions UN law, international of principles the on based is terrorism .Conference Ministers Foreign OIC the of decisions and resolution Afghanistan in campaign the that believes Pakistan President The He .lives civilian of loss avoid must and targeted and short be must .lives innocent of loss the regretted on focus only not should community international the said He the in people Afghan the help also but terrorism combating and rehabilitation system, political durable a of establishment .Afghanistan of reconstruction said Musharraf Pervez General government, broad-based the far As Taliban moderate leaders, political Afghan Shah Zahir King former Afghans and elders, Tribal Alliance, Northern from elements leaders, this achieving in role important an play can outside living .objective a avoid to track fast a on be must process political the said He warring no and operation military of aftermath the in vacuum political wake the in Afghanistan in itself impose to allowed be should faction .strikes military of on depend will process political of any of success the said He two by destroyed been has which Afghanistan in conditions economic be would reconstruction substantial said He .conflict of decades .economy the revive to required of repatriation the for required be also would assistance said He displaced internally the of settlement and refugees Afghan of millions .people tension-free develop to desires Pakistan said President The country that with peace in live to wishes and India with relations .peoples the to prosperity bring to neighbours other and Kashmir of resolution the for need is there this for said He in tension Pakistan-India of heart the at remains which dispute would this said He .people Kashmiri of wishes the with accordance bring and India and Pakistan between relations of normalization help .region Asian South to peace associate to efforts said Sezer .Mr President Turkish The by adopted stand the said He .unacceptable are Islam with terrorism greatly been has States United the in attacks terrorist after Pakistan stand will Turkey said He .community international the by appreciated fight the in burden great a taking is which Pakistan brotherly with .terrorism against said and country brotherly and friendly a as Pakistan described He Pakistani with meeting productive and beneficial very had he in developments on views exchanged also they said He .President by affected most countries the of one is Pakistan said He .Afghanistan peace that hope and wish Turkey's is it said and developments these based broad a with Afghanistan in established be would stability and .groups ethnic all representing administration to responsibility a has community international the said He .people Afghan to aid humanitarian provide it that and issue important very a is Kashmir said Sezer .Mr Kashmir of problem The .India and Pakistan between relations affects people, Kashmiri the of choice the on based resolved be should .dialogue and negotiations through and in government new the that said he question, a to reply In Pushtoon the including groups ethnic all of consist should Afghanistan .minorities ethnic other with along majority no taken has Council Security UN the said he question, another To .Afghanistan in force keeping peace a of deployment the for decision TK/MMZ/HR End