Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 25, Oct Tehran, :Thursday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "Bank West in massacred Palestinians" fierce a in Palestinians five least at killed forces Israeli Wednesday on village Bank West a on assault infantry and armor air, territory, Palestinian from pullout a for call .S.U a defied which .reported Reuters NEWS IRAN -- "terrorism discuss FM German Khatami, President" Minister Foreign German and Khatami Mohammad President Iranian and relations Tehran-Berlin on talks held Wednesday Fischer Joschka agency news IRNA state the region, the in developments latest the .reported TIMES TEHRAN -- "village mosque, Afghan of bombing American condemns UN" civilians, Afghan of massacre American's to reaction late a In reported and goal humanitarian its upon acted has Nations United the .mosques to attacks in civilians of killing KAYHAN -- "war hard long, a for yourselves Prepare :Bush" first their of claimed have Front United the of forces the While to appealed has Bush .W George President .S.U advancement, ground well as Afghanistan in war hard and long a for brace to Americans the .attacks terror more as IRAN -- "Taliban with talks confirms envoy Hekmatyar" Hizbi the of head the Hekmatyar, Gulbuddin of representative A on reports confirmed has (Party Islamic) Afghanistan of Islami for regime Taliban hardline the and party the between negotiations .Afghanistan to Hekmatyar of return the ROUZ SIASAT-E -- instigators with dealing on notice department's justice Tehran" "riots of notice a in announced Wednesday on Department Justice Tehran to metropolis the of courts special several commissioned had it that .matches football during riots of instigators with deal EDALAT SEDA-YE -- "Iran into anthrax of entry prevent to ready ministries Four" telecommunications, of ministries the of representatives The to decided have organization customs country's the as well as health the into anthrax of entry the prevent to how study to session a hold .country MELLAT -- "dead nine leaves tunnel European longest in incident Fiery" of tunnel road Alpine the in incident fiery a from news Latest has Europe, in tunnel longest second the Switzerland, in Gotthard St accident the from out pulled been had nine of bodies the that said .site QODS -- "Palestinians 20 martyr troops Zionist" attacks of wave fresh a mounted have troops Israeli racist The .Palestinians 20 martyring Bank, West the in ABRAR -- over leaders European from assurances received have I :Chavez" "market oil stable assurances received had he that said has Chavez Hugo Venezuelan oil stable of establishment the over leaders European the from .markets ESLAMI JOMHURI-E -- "23% by increased fees Flight" Davoud company aviation Iran's the of director managing The fees, flight in hike percent 23 a announced has Keshavarzian .mid-November effective AFARINESH -- "women' 'street of murderer for Execution" of city holy Iran's in prostitutes 16 of killer serial The his and death to sentenced been has Hanayi, Saeed Mashhad, the city, the of square central a in out carried be will execution .Tuesday said Mansouri Hojjatoleslam cases, murder for jude NOROUZ -- "minister foreign their scrutinizing Taliban" Ahmad Wakil minister foreign their have Taliban hardline The .Kandahar in scrutiny under Muttawakil BH/HR End