Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran with rapprochement for calls Parliament European Thursday (EP) Parliament European The -- IRNA 25, Oct Brussels, of Republic Islamic the with rapprochement of policy a for called .Iran saying resolution a adopted EP the Thursday, Strasbourg in Meeting gradual of policy a through reformists the support should EU the that .Tehran with rapprochement the in achieved progress the on report the of 33 Paragraph adoped, policy security and foreign common EU the of implementation :reads sanctions US continuing the despite view, the ``takes EP The the that policy, armaments country's that of account on Iran against a through society Iranian in forces reforming the support should EU ''.rapprochement gradual of policy of renunciation clear a Iran from events all in expects ``It the open to order in terrorism international for form any in support ''.Iran with agreement cooperation and trade a concluding for way NK/KS End