Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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"fruitful" talks describe Schuessel Austria's Khatami, and Khatami Mohammad President Iran's -- IRNA 25, Oct Tehran, their described Thursday here Schuessel Wolfgang Chancellor Austrian issues international as well as regional and ties bilateral on talks ."successful" and "fruitful" had Iran, visit to chancellor Austrian first the Schuessel, several discuss to visit one-day a for Tehran to Egypt from flown in crisis Afghan the as well as ties Tehran-Vienna including subjects, .attacks -led.S.U the of wake the various on thoughts exchanged and discussed elaborately We" told Khatami "view, common a hold we which of many on issues .Schuessel with talks hours two-and-half his after reporters our indicated we region, crisis-ridden a in located are we Since" been have who people Afghan oppressed the of fate the over concern under come have now and time long a for rulerships tough to subject .added Khatami "attacks, military other the to attention serious a for need the over unanimous were We" the for paved be should way the that and Afghanistan of future in groups ethnic all of participation the and say final people's .said president Iranian the "government, Afghan future the terrorism condemn strongly sides Austrian and Iranian the Both" phenomenon the of rootcauses the that believing shapes, its all in .added he "stemmed, and identified be should threatens and issue global a is terrorism since that believe We" be should phenomenon the against fight the humanity, whole the .said Khatami "all-out, and global deep-rooted, the over unanimous are Austria and Iran of Republic Islamic The" for fight who those between distinction a be should there that fact of death the cause who those and lands their of liberation the president Iranian the "terror, to resorting through people innocent .lands Palestinian the in campaign popular the to reference in said two the of indicative as Tehran to visit Schuessel's hailed He to according relations bilateral deepening for will countries' .respect mutual Austrian the by invitation an accepted had he said Khatami .country that to visit official an pay to Klestil Thomas President cultural and historical its given Austria, that believe We" the between dialogue a in link suitable a as play could capacities, .said Khatami "West, the and world Islamic economic their activate to agreed had sides two the said He .cooperation a as Austria with ties our promote to continue will We" and regional bilateral, in Union European the of member reputable .said Khatami "fields, international officials Iranian the with talks his described Schuessel ."fruitful" and "helpful" the of situation the on concern common a have Austria and Iran dispatch further for measures serious that believe and people Afghan .plight their address to taken be should aid humanitarian of decide should people Afghan that believe also countries two The the for way the pave to order in country their of future the on .government democratic a of establishment Austria," saying character, Khatami's President hailed Schuessel ".interest with statements his to listen world the and Europe afternoon, Thursday Vienna for Tehran left official Austrian The Industries of Minister by Airport International Mehrabad at off seen .Jahangiri Es'haq Mines and political ranking high a leading chancellor Austrian The .night Wednesday Tehran in arrived delegation President with conferred he Tehran, in stay short his During and regional on Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign and Khatami Mohammad occupied the of issues including developments, international the of wake the in crisis Afghanistan the as well as Palestine .attacks -led.S.U Austrian the of visit the experts, political to According German the by trips the of heels the on place taking Chancellor bin Hamad Sheikh Emir Qatari Fischer, Joschka Minister Foreign Tehran to Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan and ath-Thani Khalifa Republic's Islamic the of indicative is weeks, two past the within .crises international and regional of settlement in role pivotal BH/AR