Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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heroes into suspects turn will Afghanistan on Attacks :Shahroudi Hashemi Mahmoud Ayatollah Chief Judiciary -- IRNA 25, Oct Tehran, on attacks US-British joint the that Thursday on here said Shahroudi the to add will contrary the on but fruits no bear will Afghanistan .heroes into suspects the turn and world Muslim the of problems be should itself issue the said he terrorism, with dealing In to pretext a as misused been has it but consideration, into taken judicial of meeting a told he globe, the across injustice more do .officials US the following threatened been has region the of security The has terrorism with dealing" that adding said he Afghanistan, on attack exposed be not should country a of people the and itself for method a ".pretexts such under oppression to and attacks the behind ill-intention some exists There take to try now country the inside persons some unfortunately Iran between rapproachment for calling by situation the of advantage .said he States, United the and MM/RR End