Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Petrochemicals & Refinery Mangalore eyes Petroleum Kuwait has (KPC) Corporation Petroleum Kuwait -- IRNA 25, Oct Delhi, New and Refinery Mangalore billion 24 Rs the with talks initiated .company the in equity up picking for (MRPL) Petrochemicals New from published daily English an Pioneer, the to According for us and MRPL with discussions preliminary held has KPC" Delhi, Hindustan "refinery, 9mt the in participation equity possible .recently here said Zutshi.L.H CMD (HPCL) Ltd Corporation Petroleum stake cent per 37 Group's Birla.V.A out buying at looking is KPC senior met recently officials KPC that adding said, he MRPL, in .HPCL and Group Birla.V.A both of officials HPCL with partner equal cent per 37 a is which Group, Birla.V.A its of part as refinery loss-making the exit to decided has MRPL, in .strategy the out buy to refusal of right first the has which HPCL, Birla's.V.A acquiring in interested is too stake, equity partner's consultants as Anderson Arthur and Caps SBI appointed has and interest .said Zutshi MRPL, valuing for in partner a as KPC taking of favour in was HPCL that said He .stake cent per 37 Birla's out buy to was HPCL if even MRPL IND/RR End