Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Haj for point embarkation new Kozhikode Srinagar, Lucknow, Lucknow, announced Government Indian -- IRNA 25, Oct Delhi, New Haj for points embarkation new three the as Kozhikode and Srinagar .(PTI) India of Trust Press said pilgrims, Indian northern the from demand pending long the of view In" Indian southern one and Kashmir and Jammu and Pradesh Uttar of States from flights (AI) India Air start to decided have we Kerala of State Civil India's "pilgrims, of thousands facilitate to cities three these .Wednesday on PTI told Hussain Shahnawaz Minister Aviation passage concessional the given be would Hajis 72,000 as many As there" that asserting while said he points, embarkation eight from .PTI adds "Hajis, for cut subsidy no be will to likely Haj, the for pilgrims 1,20,000 of quota a has India passage subsidized provide would government and January early in start .said Hussain Committee, Haj by cleared pilgrims 72,000 to of level year's last the at be would tariff concessional The Hajis 40,000 as many as that adding said he passenger, a 12,000 Rs of part as Saudia by 32,000 and (AI) India Air by carried be would .Arabia Saudi and India between agreement mutual view in year this Hajis fly to asked was India Air said Hussain proposed the and market aviation the in slump prevailing the of .business some take airline the help would arrangement out pointing while said he "India, Air help certainly will This" Haj for arranged was Kampuchia charter private year last that .pilgrimage it said Hussain India, Air for benefit of extent the about Asked Haj that reports discounted but now, quantified be not could .billion 1 Rs upto save to reduced be would subsidies IND/RR End