Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Khalili :Afghanistan in peace for not Taliban and Osama Masood India to Ambassador Afghanistan -- IRNA 25, Oct Delhi, New the linking proofs sufficient are there that today said Khalili and Laden bin Osama with Masood Shah Ahmad Commander of killers .Taliban September the said Khalili Thursday, here press to address his In network terrorist the of handiwork a was Masood Commander on attack 9 .people Afghan to related not is which Osama of of Bahauddin Khawaja in waiting were who journalists Arab The question 15 posed Masood Commander see to days 16 for province Takhar .Laden bin Osama to relating were questions 9 to 7 which of out are countries 14 from friends his and Laden Bin of Terrorists by backed is which Afghanistan in coalition terrorist a making them financing and people the training is and intelligence Pakistan .said he over, world Osama for fighting are they and given has he as guest a not and killer a is Osama said He .people Afghan of plight the to added which sanctions and sufferings ruled and captured be to land a not is Afghanistan that warned He to Great the Alexander the against stood nation the as outsiders by and rule cannot Taliban with Pakistan and empire, British of might the .region the in influence of zone its as treat of demise the after Front United of strength the to Referring unified and stronger more are we now that said he Masood Commander of commander new the Fahim General by given was assurance this and .situation changing the about him to spoke last he when Front that said he Afghanistan, in government future of set-up the About which practical more and based broad be would government new the Pasthons Uzbeks, Tajiks, the like groups ethnic all include would .Hazaras the and he dispensation political new the in Shah Zahir of role the On the with experience long a having was King former the that said King the that believe we and Afghanistan in processes the and country to role active an play and formation any in player key a be would .people the of wishes the on based Assembly an about bring IND/RR End