Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Isfahan on damage in bn 6.5 Rls inflicts Drought in cities various hit has which Drought -- IRNA 25, Oct Isfahan, has years three past the over (Iran central) province Isfahan head sectors, different on damage in billion 5,680 rls inflicted on here said Headquarters Disasters Natural provincial the of .Wednesday grants as billion 7,235 rls over allocated has government The" for compensate them help to order in farmers to loans bank and Mansour "drought, the of result a as incurred have they damage .IRNA told Shishehforoush hectares 76,724 some destroyed has year this drought the said He of head million three over perished and province the in farmlands of .livestock the in regions rural 371 as well as cities large 12 in People" "drought, the from resulting shortage water from suffer province .added he has drought, of year successive third its experiencing Iran, central and eastern southern, in cities major in water rationed Kerman, Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Baluchestan, and Sistan of provinces .Tehran and Khorasan the by hit worst is Iran that said recently official .N.U A than destructive far were effects its adding region, the in drought .years previous the supply Tehran's of percent 60 provide that dams three in Reserves .levels low dangerously to declined have been have resources water subterranean renewable total The .meters cubic billion 130 at registered water-shed adopt to provinces several in taken been have Measures those in water drinking required supply and systems management .campaign anti-drought Iran's of framework the within provinces through wasted is water drinking country's the of percent 27 Some .patterns distribution and consumption improper the in used are supplies water country's the of percent 90 Some crop of kilogram a half than less produces which sector agriculture kg two countries developed in whereas water, of meter cubic one using .water of amount same the with produced are crop of household, in consumption water of rate growth the Given subterranean of exploitation sectors, agricultural and industrial .momentum gained has reserves in 286 of number existing the of out canals subterranean 23 Only operations and shortage water with deal to exploited be can Tehran heavy their despite year this regard this in launched be would .costs has capital the to water supplying reservoirs water of level The Iranian current the in meters cubic million 200 by dropped sharply .year calendar consume who citizens fining begin would they said have Officials of as month, per water of (liters 20,000) meters cubic 20 than more .22 June last rainfalls torrential by triggered floods flash while is This destroyed provinces Khorasan and Golestan country's the in week hundreds killed roads, as well as farmland of hectares of thousands .losses material of billions inflicted and people of RM/RR End