Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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strikes .S.U to halt immediate for calls leader Kashmiri Islami i Jamaat Kashmir of President -- IRNA 25, .Oct Islamabad, on strikes -led.S.U the to halt immediate for called Thursday on .crisis the to solution peaceful a and Afghanistan Pakistan-administered of JI of chief the Turrabi, Rashid Abdul advocated strongly here "IRNA" with interview an in Kashmir of part .crisis the settle to way peaceful a finding this view in keeping and issue the to solution no is War" in operation ongoing the in halt a be should there observation, .said he "Afghanistan, the of summit emergency an that proposed leader Kashmiri The views solicit to called be (OIC) Conference Islamic of Organisation .matter the on Ummah of to message strong a with up come must added, he Ummah, Muslim The afflicting been has which aggression the to halt a for way the pave .Afghanistan of people innocent the the to back peace bringing in role a play can OIC the think I" recently-held a lamenting remarked, he ,"Afghanistan war-shattered the condemn to even failed had said he which session ministerial ."civilians of killings the of gravity the realising UN, the that said also Rashid Abdul in bloodshed continuous stopping to contribute should situation .Afghanistan its on deliver to failing for body world the criticised He .crisis present the to solution peaceful a finding and responsibilites Jehadi the between links denied emphatically leader JI The in engaged are Kashmiris saying group, Al-Qaeda the and organisations to nothing have they and struggle freedom indigenous and legitimate a .terrorism or group such any with do stance government's Pakistani commending although Rashid, Abdul in keep should it that said prudent, provisionally as crisis the on with connection in Ummah Muslim the of interests and concerns mind .developments Afghan the to look the on was India that out pointed Turrabi Rashid Abdul the portraying by movement, Kashmir and Al-Qaeda between links create .terrorists as fighters freedom Kashmiri world the to explain to government Pakistani the urged He channel diplomatic the including means possible all through community legitimate of realisation for was movement Kashmir ongoing the that of part any in terrorism of acts with linked be can't it and rights .world the MMZ/BH/RR End