Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Adeli says terrorism, against campaign `genuine' backs Iran culprits of punishment the supports Iran - IRNA 25, Oct London, "concerned" is but US the in attacks 11 September the for responsible Deputy says Afghanistan, in damage material and human the about .Adeli Hossein Mohammad Affairs, Economic for Minister Foreign an told Adeli "terrorism, against campaign genuine a for is Iran" terror of roots The" .Wednesday on London in conference international .said he "eradicated, be should but "region the in player key" a was Republic Islamic the said He the to regard with "position opportunistic" an adopting against was .Afghanistan in strikes US-led in groups terrorist colyndemned strongly" said, Adeli Iran, "damage material and human the about concerned" was but "Afghanistan ".region the in peace undermine to want not" did and inflicted being of family the in back Afghanistan have to wanted Iran said He the of reconstruction the in role a play to willing was and nations .benefits real offered which country, US the of launch the towards policy Iran's clarifying was Adeli two-day a at terrorism global against war international so-called .Conferences Global IBC by organised Iran' in `Investing on conference of way by problems created long had Afghanistan that related He a been had that crime organised and trafficking drugs refugees, .Iran for "burden" "situation win-win" a be should Afghanistan of reconstruction The new provide would It .said minister foreign deputy the all, for economic to add and country the with engage to opportunities .said he routes, transit including region, the in activities Dialogue of policy Khatami's Mohammad President that said Adeli and policies Iran's of many to transferred had Civilisations Among .countries other with misunderstandings and tensions remove to helped the with relations of "phases new" a to leading it of spoke He China, with cooperation long Iran's extending and Union European closer with helped also It .region the in as well as India and Japan .said he Gulf, Persian the in neighbours Arab with engagement HC/KS End