Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Thursday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines following -- IRNA 25, .Oct Islamabad, .25 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... war join to Pakistanis allow to not told Kabul * govt interim head to Shah Zahir asks Shoora * Palestinians 15 kill Israelis * civilians to weapons returning Taliban * propaganda Zionist Osama, condemns Arabia Saudi * plan setup fresh bringing Brahimi * News The ........... targets frontlines, Taliban pounds .S.U * FO :identified yet not Kabul in killed 35 * Brahimi :survive to govt made-in-Afghanistan Only * India warns Sattar tension, increase to Adventure * Powell :Ramazan in continue may Attacks * jail .S.U in dies probe attack in held Pakistani * Nation The ............. govt broad-based back elders Afghan * told Kabul forces, Afghan of part be not must Pakistanis * UN :village mosque, hit bombs .S.U * attacks to end early for hopes Arabia .S * Pakistan to brought men Harkat 8 of Bodies * Post Frontier The .................... resolutions UN of implementation for calls Pakistan * Britain in cell Al-Qaida no finds FBI * deaths civilian over .S.U warns opposition Afghan * villages Pakistan on firing forces Indian * .S.U :Afghanistan on strikes air .S.U in halt No * Observer Pakistan .................... Sattar :desperation to leading Injustices * Capital in up geared activity Diplomatic * agencies by picked scientists Nuclear * self-determination of right Afghans' for calls China * Afghanistan in role Turkey's * /MMZ/BH/AR End