Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran against sanctions of lifting for calls lobby business US the for called has Commerce of Chamber US The - IRNA 25, Oct London, counterproductive were they saying Iran, against sanctions of lifting business American in billion 3 Dlrs least at of loss the causing and .Tehran with wants also world, the in largest the association, business The the of member a become to application Iran's allow to Washington ".fairly considered" be to (WTO) Organisation Trade World some misconceptions" the is policy US with problem main The the of representative European senior the "Iran, of have politicians international an told Keilbach, Peter-Hans Commerce, of Chamber US .Wednesday London in Iran' in `Investing on conference putting was US the in lobby business strongest the that said He .Iran against sanctions the "roll-back" to Washington on pressure with trade from year a "bn 3 Dlrs" losing were companies American .Iran was he that conference the at delegates 200 some told Keilbach government US the if "further even grow can" figure this convinced .development Iran's in participate to corporations American allowed a as act not did 11 September of events the that lamented He the of some identify to Administration Bush the for call "wake-up" .Washington in mainly were that Iran, towards policy US with problems to figures Iranian senior get to be would initiative important An Keilback Washington, in headquarters Commerce's of Chamber the attend ".visas got have could" he that arguing suggested, should they that said he companies, European to regard With American much how highlight to "business more for push" to continue .out losing is business refrain would Commission European the that hope expressed Keilbach the under threatened sanctions extraterritorial US challenging from could organisation his so year more one for (ILSA) Act Iran-Libya .away chipping continue the but ILSA not were firms American facing obstacles real The an was there which over Iran, with trade US banning orders executive .debate of absence Keilbach interests, mutual of importance the showed 11 September the of breaking the for" hope expressing by concluded and said ".Iran with relations US in stalemate Engage USA of Brown Sharie conference, same the at Speaking embraces that lobby anti-sanctions the of activities the on expounded .years five past the over companies American 675 reasons main the of one was said, she 1996, in ILSA of passing The on dependent too" become had US The .founded was Engage USA why .said she "tool, policy foreign outdated an as sanctions related committee, steering organisation's the of member a Brown, in "us beat" Committee, Affairs Public Israeli American the how saying years, five another for ILSA renew to Congress US the getting Zionist the by campaign "well-funded and well-organised" a was it .lobby imposed being sanctions preventing in success had Engage US While more was achievement its years, few past the in countries other on against sanctions about "debate of level the raising" to restricted .revealed she Iran, at had Bush President that suggested she ILSA, to regard With that law controversial the "enforce to not commitment" a made least .development oil Iran's in helping firms foreign punish to threatens HC/KS End