Oct 25, 2001, 12:01 AM
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source Afghan :medicare proper of lack to due die Afghans Wounded of Bureau Mashhad the of Head -- IRNA 25, Oct .prov Khorasan Mashhad, told Gilani Mohammad-Dawood Party Revolution Islamic Afghanistan's raids air .S.U the of victims injured the of many that Wednesday IRNA particularly care, medical proper of lack to due country his in die .medicine Afghanistan, from news latest the on based Gilani, to According -British.S.U the of victims 150 least at alone, week past the during Afghanistan's at treatment medical received had who bombardments inappropriate, the to due died released, then and hospitals various .treatment insufficient raids air (Wednesday) today's" added, official party Afghan The ".Kabul around areas in heavy unprecedentedly were capital Afghan the of regions peripheral the in bombed areas The Soroubi, region, mountainous Seyfi the Bagram, include Wednesday on .Kabul of north the in Pol-e-Charkhi and Daar-ul-Aman, Kheyrkhaneh, a city, the to addition in Pol-e-Charkhi, at that said Gilani the during demolished totally were barracks military a and prison .raids air expressed Afghanistan of official Party Republic Islamic This residential more some too, attacks, Wednesday the during that regret killed, got Afghans civilian twenty least at and destroyed were areas .wounded brutally were more lot a while the was area civilian a hit bombs .S.U the where spot exact The also says who Gilani, to according Kabul, of suburb Sulayman Es'haaq Qandehar to Herat from stuff food and fuel carrying trucks of convoy a the in Sarpouzeh called place a at fighters .S.U the by targeted was leaving and four of martyrdom to led which Herat, of area peripheral .wounded seriously five another village a of bombardment heavy the of IRNA informed also Gilani than more villagers, the all which during Qandehar, of north the on fatally or killed either got children, and women men, hundred a .wounded land a in engaged got guerrillas American the that said He their which during Wednesday on Province Hilmand in operation .damaged badly was helicopter Rigestan at airport military semi-active a is there" added, Gilani .S.U the of target the was that Province, Hilmand the of place heavy forces' Taliban the faced they when but attack, guerrillas' couple a and reatreat, to forced were forces American the defense, ".said is it attack, this of course the in killed got them of -British.S.U the regrading stand official party's his about Asked these believe we" said, official partisan Afghan this attacks, the weakening regarding results tangible any to lead not will attacks heavy inflicting be, will and are, they while militants, Taliban their to lot a adding nation, Afghan oppressed the on losses ".problems decades-long is crisis Afghan the to solution only the believes Gilani from refrain to countries neighboring Afghanistan's convincing in crisis armed the worsening to lead can that policies adopting .Afghanistan Afghan the be to claim who those even" emphasized, also He the of majority the gain not will representatives real nation's apparently "election, democratic a in votes nation's Afghan .Rabbani Burhanoddin President of government the to referring NA/JB End