Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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terrorism discuss minister foreign German Khatami, President Foreign German and Khatami Mohammad President -- IRNA 24, Oct Tehran, on talks held Wednesday on Tehran in Fischer Joscka Minister .region the in developments latest the and relations Tehran-Berlin display should countries world that said Khatami President humanity the which from difficulties the with deal to resolve common and justice and reality to ground the giving by suffering is .understanding terrorism against campaign the if that believe I analyst, an As" the of benefit the to change may situation the mistakenly, led are .minister foreign German the told Khatami President "terrorists, Iran and background lengthy a has terrorism though that said He was attack terrorist 11 September the terrorism, of victim a been has should disaster (11 September) The .history the in point turning a he injustice, and insecurity from mankind the of salvation for used be .said terrorism which from factors the remove to work should all We" bases the destroy to forward step a is This .develops and emanates .out pointed Khatami President "terrorism, of oppression, rights, human of violation that forget not should We" poverty injustice, nations, other of territories the of occupation fundamental a and terrorism of causes roots the are ignorance and "causes, those uproot to measures requires terrorism against campaign .said Khatami President the against action military the to objection Iran's that said He that adding grounds, ethical and humanitarian on is people Afghan and starvation their people, Afghan the of plight current the The .opinion public the in division a caused now has displacement showed which opinion public the in momentum gaining is division tragedy, heart-rending 11 September of victims the with sympathy .said president the definition comprehensive a provide to work should nations All" fight to measures taking on consensus reach and terrorism about Khatami President "all, to threat posed currently has which terrorism .said stages different the with conformity religions' for called He Islam that said and (technology and science in) progress human of and humanity of needs the identifying for call Christianity and pleasant and meaningful a lead mankind help to morality inspiring .life said and year last Germany to visit his recalled president The .Berlin with relations developing further on keen is Tehran that world the in situation new the on president the briefed Fischer and States United the in attack terrorist 11 September of wake the in Western the in communities Islamic the and Islam on backlash its among dialogue of necessity the today that said and states reason this for and before ever than more felt is civilizations (civilizations of dialogue) it take should community international the .seriously very about bring to civilizations of dialogue on focus should We" the and terrorism combat to nations the all among understanding .said Fischer .Mr "civilizations, of clash seeking are who terrorists of Republic Islamic the that said minister foreign German The campaign international the in region the in role key a plays Iran the follow states regional the If that adding terrorism against national program, reform the with ahead going in Iran of example .region entire the and countries those in develop will stability especially leaders, world all among dialogue for called Fischer the that said and level international the at leaders religious the neutralize to initiative take should community international .civilizations of clash towards world the push to attempts SS/RR End