Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:ROUZ 11-SIASAT-E rises output Complex's Production Steel +Mobarakeh melted of tons 264,000 produced Complex Steel Mobarakeh Isfahan showing figure a month, last slabs steel of tons 257,000 and steel .target set the to compared rise tons 7,000 - - - - :12-QODS treasury in billion 13,000 rls deposits +CBI oil crude the said (MPO) Organization Planning and Management The was that year, last billion 524.20 dlrs at stood revenue export percent 6.34 said MPO .target set the than higher billion 24.9 dlrs the to compared year last revenues oil in observed was rise figure the than higher percent 8.9 was revenue The .year preceding (2000-2005) Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the by forecast year's this by envisioned figure the to compared percent 2.3 up and .law budget - - - - :13-TOSE'E current on spent was budget government's of percent 3.+79 expenditures reports latest said (MPO) Organization Planning and Management The current of share in rise percent 3.79 been had there indicate budget in increase showing expenditure, public total to expenditures .expenditures development and deficit - - - - :14-ABRAR competitive not economy +Iran's Economy Iran's that Abrar daily Farsi told has expert economic An nnecessary of removal for called Baher Hossein .competitive not is .exporters supporting and regulations - - - - Zone Economic Special in billion three dlrs invest +Foreigners Free Special the at Department Secretariat the of Head Deputy production the in investment of volume said Council High Zones billion 9,431 rls reached has Zones Economic Special the of sector .2000 December until established been have zones the time the since - - - - :15-KAYHAN contracts oil worth billion 50 dlrs in law of +Violation buy-back of conclusion said Sobhani Majlis at Damghan from MP that seems it but Majlis by approved something is contracts based of conclusion concerning 1987, in passed oil, on law the of provisions .violated been has accords - - - - :16-ETTELA'AT installations petrochemical big of construction for +Contract signed (NPC) Company Petrochemical National by signed protocol a Under to committed been has party Italian the company, Italian an and .year a compounds hydrocarbur liquid simple of tons 600,000 produce - - - - :DAILY 17-IRAN Tehran in percent 12 reaches +Unemployment percent 08.62 that announced Monday on Center Statistics Iran last the in active economically were 10 of age the above men of the in women for figure The .(2001 20, March ended) year Iranian .percent 91.11 was group age same - - - - :NEWS 18-IRAN navigation for system satellite uses company railway +Iran navigation for system satellite uses Company Railways Iranian announced was it trains, its of position exact the locate to needed .Monday Tehran in seminar scientific a at - - - - :TIMES 19-TEHRAN bonds government buying from prohibited +Banks and Management the Finance, and Affairs Economic of Ministry The have (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the and (MPO) Organization Planning order in bonds government buying from banks country's the prohibited .citizens private by notes the of purchase the facilitate to BG/AH End