Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Saturday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 24, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which JAM 1-JAM-E 9bn dlrs by up revenue oil +Government's that announced has (MPO) Organization Planning and Management The billion, 524.20 dlrs at stood year last revenue exports crude Iran's proposed government the than higher billion 24.9 dlrs was that .figures - - - - with tune in rise should prices Dollar :MPO of Head +Deputy economy global (MPO) Organization Planning and Management the of Head Deputy has rial against rate parity dollar said has Shoraka Baradaran Hamid in rise should it while years three to two past the over fix been .developments global with pace - - - - :2-JOMHURI-ESLAMI for call Arabia Saudi and Libya Algeria, Venezuela, +Iran, production oil decreasing Iran, Arabia, Saudi said has Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan be there should cut production oil support will Libya and Algeria, .so do to need any - - - - day a liters million nine exceeds imports +Gasoline Distribution Products' Oil Iranian National of Director Managing consumption gasoline in growth average said Aqababaie Ali Company .(21 March started) year the of half first the in percent 7.7 reached - - - - levied taxes in cut percent 25 :Minister Mines and +Industries units production on tax the said has Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries .percent 25 by cut been has centers production the on levied - - - - :3-JAVAN 15 in performance economic government's summarizes +Khatami pages a offered ever first the for has Khatami Mohammad President year first the in function economic government's on report 15-page article per (2000-2005) Plan Development Economic Five-Year the of .law Plan's Third the of 198 - - - - :4-KAR-O-KARGAR Complex Production Steel Neishabour in record New the said has Sobhani Bahram project Steel Khorasan of Executor open to is complex production steel Khorasan of units rolling hot .day a rods of tons 923 producing of capacity the with complex the at - - - - :5-RESALAT cooperation economic expand to Armenia and +Iran and Karbasian Mehdi Minister Finance and Economy Deputy Iran's meeting commission economic joint their in Minister Energy Armenia's .cooperation economic expanding of ways explored Tuesday on Tehran in - - - - Pars south of phases 10th and 9th the for contract +Conclusion suspends field gas 10th and 9th the of expansion for contractor the of Signature of one of request the per suspended field gas Pars South of phases .bid related the in participants the - - - - :NOW 6-HAYAT-E produce to prepared gets Company Production Ball-bearing +Iran's year a ball-bearings million 11 .Co Production Ball-bearing Iran's program, wide-scale a Under .year a ball-bearings million 11 than more produce to expected - - - - :7-ENTEKHAB supply gas of security guaranteeing seeks +Ankara exporting starts Iran once that believe Tehran in sources News .phase new a enter would cooperation mutual Turkey to gas - - - - :8-SEDA-Y-EDALAT economic for understanding of memorandum sign Kuwait and +Iran cooperation commercial and round second in Ministers Commerce Deputy Kuwaiti and Iranian cooperate to understanding of memorandum a signed meeting their of fishing, companies, technical and engineering of establishment in to goods Kuwait of transit and farming poultry husbandry, animal .Iran through republics Asian Central - - - - :9-NOROUZ lifted Kuwait by livestock Iran's of import on +Ban it that announced has Ministry Industries and Commerce Kuwaiti .meat and products livestock Iran's of import on ban lifted has - - - - :10-AFARINESH Tehran with ties economic of expansion for calls +Jakarta Monday Gumelar Agum Transportation of Minister Indonesian bilateral Iran-Indonesia that hope the expressed Jakarta in afternoon .areas all in promote further will cooperation Telegraph Post, of Minister Iranian visiting the with meeting a In through passing by that said he Motamedi, Ahmad ,(PTT) Telephone and economic its settle to hopeful is Indonesia crisis, political recent .Iran including countries some with cooperation through problems - - - - Kenya to sector mines in expertise its offer to +Iran Kenyan with cooperation expand to is sector cooperatives Iran's fisheries, and mines industries, of fields the in sector cooperatives of Chamber Iran's at Department Relations Public the to according .(ICCIM) Mines and Industries Commerce, Secretary and Bagha Saleh Hassan Iran to Ambassador Kenyan New also Ramezani Mohammad-Reza chamber Cooperatives the of General between cooperation commercial and economic of expansion stressed .Tehran in meeting their in Kenya and Iran BG/AH More