Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy Saudi :Afghans of sufferings for responsible Taliban Pakistan to Arabia Saudi of Ambassador The -- IRNA 24, Oct Islamabad, for responsible the Taliban ruling Afghanistan termed has Aseeri Ali .Afghanistan of people the of suffering the that said ambassador Saudi the Wednesday, here briefing press a At in events catastrophic the advice, Saudi heeded had Taliban the if refused Taliban the said he But, .avoided been have could Afghanistan the upon destruction brought and reason of voice the to listen to .country the of people the of suffering the for responsible are alone, they and They," .said Aseeri Ali "Afghanistan, of people of people the desert not will government Saudi the that said He .crisis of hour this in Afghanistan Afghanistan, in happening is what with happy not are We" the for suffering immeasurable the to reference with particularly inflicted be should harm no that demand strongly We .people Afghan .remarked envoy Saudi the "people, the upon has Arabia Saudi of government the that men media the told He the to commitment solemn its of part as million 10 dlrs .S.U donated .Afghanistan of people the of welfare a and organized also was refugees Afghan of day special a said He .day single a in collected was million 135 riyals Saudi of total said envoy Saudi the forms, its all in terrorism Condemning Arabia Saudi .boundaries no respects it and identity no has terrorism Saudis many and past the in activities terrorist of victim a been has .result a as killed been have preached He .national Saudi a was Laden bin Osama said He of spirit the contradicted thinking heretical his and views extremist .Islam Arabia Saudi in stay to welcome not was he that felt he Therefore, other to go and leave to had He .places other to go to decided and support no has Laden bin Osama .welcome was thinking his where places support who people those from except outside, or Arabia, Saudi within .operation of way his and cause, his universal the with agreement in not is conduct Osama's said He .Islam of principles is He .conduct and beliefs his by Islam of name the harmed has He jeopardized and economy world the damaged has He .Islam of friend not gap a created and relationship human governing principles accepted the .civilizations two the between have States United the and Arabia Saudi that said envoy Saudi The of times the to back dating relations historical and close enjoyed .Roosevelt President and Aziz Abdul King respect, mutual of concept universal the on based relations, These two the Today, .time of passage the with expanded and grown have .added he life, of areas various in closely cooperating are countries are media Zionist the by Kingdom Saudi on attacks the said He not is attacks these for reason The .condemnable and slanderous highly .understand to difficult the in be to honor the had has Arabia Saudi of government The Al-Qods and Palestine of liberation the for struggle the of forefront the within crisis the of solution peaceful and just a seeking in and .Resolutions Council Security Nations United the of framework TK/MMZ/AH End