Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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crisis overcome to Afghanistan in up set interim proposes NIFA on chiefs Tribal and clerics Afghan -- IRNA 24, Oct Islamabad, unity, national for call a with meeting two-day a opened Wednesday .Afghanistan in government broad-based a and reconciliation Peshawar, in Unity National and Peace for Conference Inaugurating Ahmed Sayed Pir (NIFA) Afghanistan for Front Islamic National of Chief very the from friends foreign our telling been have We" :said Gailani .Afghanistan from eyes turn not should world the that beginning leaders Taliban the advised always have leaders Afghan Senior" but world the in isolation in survive cannot Afghanistan that serious given not were Afghanistan of crisis the unfortunately .Gailani said "attention, which in situation present the created has ignorance The and men in losses heavy causing was which bombing under is Afghanistan .regretted he country, the to material about bring would crises present the of continuation said Gailani be should efforts that stressed He .Afghanistan for complications more of process the start and operation military stop to made .country ravaged war that in reconciliation of Unity National and Peace for Association the said He of invitation the at Rome to delegation a sent recently Afghanistan .Shah Zahir King Afghan former of formation emphasized he delegation, the of leader being said He the enjoyed who personalities those comprising council leadership a .Afghans of majority of support said (NIFA) Afghanistan for Front Islamic National of Chief The the as members its of one elect would council leadership the that .Council the of Chairman elected be must Shah Zahir Mohammad King former that proposed He elderly and experience his to due Council the of Chairman the as .status the of head the as act would Council the of Chairman the said He .state administrative run should government interim an that proposed He .Council the of supervision the under country the of affairs other and The .technocrats capable be should government that of Members within constitution draft a out chalk also should government interim approval the after and time of span shot a in Islam of framework the and permanent a for paved be would ground a constitution a of .said he Afghanistan, torn war the in government legitimate agreed they king, former with meeting his in that said Gailani forces Peacekeeping .N.U government, interim of period the during that different in deployed be should countries Islamic from drawn be to in situation order and law maintain to cities big particularly parts .Afghanistan of force security and army national of organization After said chief NIFA The .them by over taken be will duty this Afghanistan, walks the all represent to broad-based be should system political the .Afghanistan in life of broad-based a for ideas these to agreed who Taliban those said He considers he said He .immediately talks start should government, .fruitful and significant as elements Taliban these of cooperation of millions to shelter giving for Iran and Pakistan thanked He close not would countries neighboring these that hoped and Afghans in turmoil fresh the of view in refugees Afghan new on doors .Afghanistan TK/MMZ/AH End