Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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dialogue for determination political show to India asks Pakistan for is it that clear it made has Pakistan -- IRNA 24, Oct Islamabad, requires that but India with dialogue of resumption and peace .well as India of part the on determination political Muhammad Riaz spokesman, Office Foreign the by stated was This in briefing daily his during questions to responding while Khan .Wednesday on Islamabad Prime Indian the of statement the on comment to asked was He war or peace wants it whether decide should Pakistan that Minister .India with and hostile been have there that out pointed spokesman The action, specific of talk including India from voices threatening .pursuit hot of suggestions some even and moves provocative noises hostile such circumstances extraordinary these In" said, He President the and people own our reassure to response robust a require ".that done had for desire Pakistan's reaffirmed also said, he president, The clap can't you that remarked but India with dialogue of resumption .hand one with resolutions .N.U all said spokesman the question a to reply In been has this and implemented be must 7 or 6 chapter under whether be should Kashmir on resolution said He .Pakistan of policy consistent body's any in that about doubt no be should there and implemented .mind in terrorism state-sponsored condemns strongly Pakistan said He important is problem Kashmir of resolution that emphasised and Kashmir .region this of development and peace for TK/MMZ/AH End