Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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steelworks BHP at spill oil investigates EPA Australia's Protection Environment NSW The -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 24, Oct Sydney, Port (BHP:ASX) BHP's at spill toxic a investigating is (EPA) Authority .Monday on fish of hundreds killed that steelworks Kembla plant making coke its from water waste confirmed company The on (AEST) .m.7p about steelworks the at drain main the into discharged .Monday poisonous that Wednesday here said EPA the for spokesman A water, the in contained were ammonia and phenols including chemicals .Creek Allans nearby into flowed which the by killed were creek the in crabs some and fish of Hundreds .said he water, toxic .said he "impact, environmental significant a have did It" about concerned very are We .yesterday investigations started EPA" .said he "this, have will we out, or in prosecution rule can't we point this At" ".investigation that of end the until wait to the in killed were species particular what known yet not was It .added he incident, a in said Murray Ross President Vice operations primary Steel BHP underway was blockage the of cause the into investigation an statement .problem the rectify to working was company the and main the into overflow further be will there that expected is It" liquor flushing the of source the however time, this during drain statement the "morning, (yesterday) earlier stopped was contamination .said lay to occurring incident an from years three to up has EPA The .offense the of seriousness the on depending charges, of fines with at, taken be can prosecution levels three are There or -- two tier a for (127,225 dlrs) 250,000 dollar Australian to up (508,900 dlrs) million 1 dollar Australian and -- offense mid-range .offense -- pollution negligent willful or -- one tier for AA/AH End