Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy decade--UN a in moment dangerous 'most at Mideast the of envoy special Larsen, Roed Terje -- IRNA 24, Oct Tehran, was East Middle the said Annan, Kofi Secretary-General, Nations United courageous" for called and "decade a in moment dangerous most the" at .Israelis the and Palestinians the of part the on "leadership as Larsen .Mr quoted Tehran in (UNIC) Center Information UN The both on those are There" Gaza, in released statement a in saying ".blood wash must blood that believe who sides dangerous this break to burden heavy a carry leaders The" .said he "logic, very take to leaders both for necessary was it said Roed-Larsen and security long-term the in were which decisions, unpopular is This" .people Israeli and Palestinian the of interests political .said he "leadership, of essence the said Roed-Larsen .Mr impasse, and crisis deep current the Despite Israelis of majority A" .forward road a see to possible still as it of majority a state; Palestinian a of creation the support of majority a and Israel; with deal peace a support Palestinians context the in Israel with reconciliation support still Palestinians move to creativity and courage need We" .said he "deal, peace a of ".forward that said spokesman Annan's .Mr York, New in Headquarters UN At the Roed-Larsen, .Mr from updates constant receiving besides .players key the with telephone by touch in been has secretary-general Eckhard Fred Spokesman "unchanged, is East Middle the on position His" .said wise very gave States United the that feels Secretary-General The" said, he "advice, that heed should they and parties the to advice withdraw to Israelis the for calling statement .S.U a to referring to Authority Palestinian for and areas controlled Palestinian from .violence control to power its in all do to written have Qatar and Mali of representatives the Meanwhile, the of meeting a requesting Council Security the of president the and full the ensure to action necessary take to order in" Council Palestinian from force occupation Israeli of withdrawal immediate .recently occupied has it lands SS/RR End