Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran in refinery CPO build to Indonesia has government Indonesian The -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 24, Oct Jakarta, (CPO) oil palm crude a operate and construct to plans announced country's the with venture joint a of part as Iran in refinery .oil edible for demand local the meet it help to government the that said Soewandi MS Rini Minister Industry and Trade CPO produce would 2003, and 2002 March between built be to refinery, between ranged which commodity the for demand domestic Iran's meet to .said she year, a tons million 1 and 300,000 the of conclusion the after press the to spoke minister The and Economic on Commission Joint Indonesia-Iran the of meeting sixth .agreements of series a produced which Cooperation Trade Telegraph Post, by headed was meeting the to delegation Iranian The .Mo'tamedi Ahmad Seyyed Minister Telephone and it where Iran to CPO the deliver would said, Rini Indonesia, also would commodity the and oil edible into processed be would .Iran near countries to sold be on products steel its sell to agreed also had Indonesia it goods what decide to yet had Iran but terms counter-trade .return in Indonesia to supply would to cooperation on agreed had commission joint the said, Rini animal agriculture, sector, gas and oil the in trainings hold and tourism banking, in trainings and fishery husbandry, .sector education transportation and telecommunication, post, in Cooperation" and stamps, common , technology information include will Rini "Indonesia, Garuda by airplanes Iran's of maintenance .said both from industry and commerce of chambers the addition, In Jakarta in centers promotion establish to agreed had countries .Tehran and seventh its hold to scheduled was Commission Joint The previous on up follow to Tehran in 2002 December in session .accords Indonesia for important was commission joint the said, Rini as such countries destination main to exports sluggish its amid .Japan and Union European the States, United the slowdown, economic an facing were countries those As Rini impact, negative its anticipate to needed Indonesia .said total Ministry, Industy and Trade the from data to According (1996-2000) years five past the during trade Indonesia-Iran bilateral .decline the on been has 21.US$535 to percent 08.26 by dropped trade bilateral 1997, In .1996 in million 45.$552 from million, 86.$221 reached and decline afurther showed trade Bilateral at up slightly was and 1999 in million 85.$137 1998, in million .2000 in million 23.$240 MS/RR End