Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 24, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "indicators economic key on reports Khatami" Tuesday Majlis the to submitted Khatami Mohammad Seyyed President Social Economic, Five-Year Third the of achievements the on report a track on was administration his said He .Plan Development Cultural and pre-determined of ahead infrastructure, mainly areas, some and .targets NEWS IRAN -- "2 .No as rights legal his defends President" constitutional his defended Tuesday Khatami Mohammad President Islamic the of authority ranking highest second the as rights Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme the after Iran of Republic news IRNA state the affairs, state all on say final the has who .reported agency INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- ".S.U with normalization out rules Khatami" normalization any out ruled Tuesday on Khatami Mohammad President contacts "secret" on reports denied and Washington with ties of .attacks terror 11 September the following TIMES TEHRAN -- "attacks Ramazan possible for .S.U with furious Muslims" officials after rage with filled were world the around Muslims Afghanistan in operations military that said States United the of .Ramazan of month holy Muslim the during continue would IRAN -- "Emir Qatari :region the in democracy of source the is Iran" the of head the also ath-Thani, Khalifa Hamad Sheikh Emir Qatari Mohammad President with met Conference, Islamic the of Organization world discussed and Tuesday on complex Saadabad the at Khatami oil the as well as developments, regional especially issues, .state the of head Iranian the with market JAVAN -- "Tehran in fever Congo of Track" in people 93 infecting after fever, hemorrhagic Crimean-Congo The .Tehran reached finally has six, killing and cities other ABRAR -- "government Afghan future over Italy Iran, between Difference" Iranian his and Ruggerio Renato Minister Foreign Italian to ways on talks held Tuesday on Tehran in Kharrazi Kamal counterpart and regional the on as well as relations bilateral develop in crisis humanitarian the especially issues international .Afghanistan ESLAMI JOMHURI-E -- output oil for call Saudis and Libya Algeria, Venezuela, Iran," "cut country, his that Tuesday said Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan cut, output oil an support will Libya and Algeria Arabia, Saudi Iran, .necessary if TOSS'E -- "retaliations Taliban's and Mazar-i-Sharif around fighting Fierce" fresh a launched had it said has Front United anti-Taliban The .Afghanistan northern in Mazari-i-Sharif around attack ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "Syria attack to threats regime Zionist" that threatened Tuesday on regime Zionist the of minister war The .Syria in targets attack may Israel NOROUZ -- intentional on rumors rejects Federation Football of Head" "team national of defeat Safai-Farahani Mohsen Federation Football Iran's the of Head The had team national country's the that rumors rejected Tuesday on .Bahrain against match qualifying Cup World a thrown intentionally QODS -- "reporters with came Fischer" Tehran in arrived Fischer Joschka Minister Foreign German .delegation political of head the at night Tuesday EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "stances Washington and Moscow between contravention No" that said has Reeker Philip Spokesman Ministry Foreign .S.U The the and Afghanistan in Front United the of support strong Russia's American contravene not did Rabbani, Burhanuddin government-in-exile .Taliban after government Afghan future a creating for efforts AFARINESH -- "Retreat :Israel to warning Bush's" Bush, .W George President that Tuesday on announced House White asked had Peres, Shimon Minister Foreign Israeli with meeting a in .lands Palestinian the from forces its out pull to regime Zionist the JAM JAM-E -- "Afghanistan in govt coalition of formation accepts Italy" a for calling Italy, and Iran of minsters foreign The of formation the reiterated terrorism, against campaign fundamental .Afghanistan in government broad-based a ENTEKHAB -- "license? which under tickets; plane in increase 33%" increase, will flights foreign and internal for prices Ticket .airlines Iranian all at Wednesday, effective NO HAYAT-E -- "ship Indonesian of victims 365 among immigrants Iranian" from immigrants illegal carrying ship, of passengers 365 About lost Australia, to Algeria and Palestine Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, last Java of island Indonesian the off shipwreck a in lives their .tragedy the survived people 44 another and Friday RESALAT -- "President :confronted seriously be should Hooliganism" parliament the at speech a after Khatami, Mohammad President cities several in disorders recent on commented Tuesday, on floor be should riots the behind those saying match, soccer after .with dealt seriously BH/RR End