Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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opportunist Pakistan calls Musharraf, at out hits Vajpayee Pakistan's to rejoinder hitting hard In -- IRNA 24, Oct Delhi, New as Kashmir in terrorism of description Musharraf's Pervez President charged Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime India's struggle, freedom in democracy of violation and betrayal opportunism, with Islamabad wanted it whether decide clearly to it asked and Kashmir Pakistan .(PTI) India of Trust Press said not, or peace threatens sometime and peace about sings sometimes neighbor Our" "want, they what decide should they that them tell to want I .us at BJP the of members Sikh of number large a addressing said Vajpayee .Tuesday on here residence his Vajpayee betrayal, and opportunism with Pakistan Charging adds occasionally, India threaten which Islamabad was it that recalled .PTI war a waged has neighbor our Now now? Taliban the is Where" we friends, are we If them?, trust will Who .Taliban very that against any pay to ready are and friends our by stand We .friends real are they are nor policy our in opportunism no is There .it for price .said he "outside, from dictated in terrorism of description repeated Musharraf's to Referring talking they are freedom whose" asked, he struggle, freedom as Kashmir the protect to country free a is India .whom from freedom and about ".rights citizens' no is there where Kashmir, Pakistan in condition the is What" .asked Vajpayee "democracy, no elections had they and population Muslim large a has India said Vajpayee .volition own their on here stay to decided There .protected and respected are rights everyone's India, In" country', our in respected are all and worship of ways different are .said he the under Afghanistan of parts in situation the to Referring no is there" said, Vajpayee Taliban, Pakistan-backed of occupation and there dictatorship a is There .there democracy or freedom and whims the to agree them make to people on committed are atrocities that in rights their denied been have Women .rulers the of fancies ".country against war the wage boldly to determined was India said He .freedom won hard its protect and terrorism and Islam between relationship no was there that Asserting be cannot atrocities committing those" said, Vajpayee terrorism, cannot poor the of defense the to come not do who Those .religious ".believers real be IND/RR End