Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Wednesday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 24, Oct Islamabad, .24 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... measures necessary takes Pakistan * Ramazan during halt will action sure not US * gunners Taliban by resistance Stiff * offer Powell rejects Delhi * Jacobabad in clash police protesters, as injured 20 * today Kabul from arrive to Pakistanis of Bodies * News The ........... Musharraf :N-plan on compromise No * anthrax by hit Pakistan in company US * peace or war wants it if Pakistan asks India * Musharraf :principles on based US to support Pak * Office Foreign :short be to campaign US wants World * Nation The ............. killed men Mujahideen Harkatul 22 * Vajpayee says trustworthy, not Pakistan * India with movement troops up takes Pakistan * frontlines Taliban on attacks Heavy * US :Pakistan in upon fired Helicopter * Post Frontier The .................... terrorism against firm Pakistan * FO :Pakistan towards policy hostile its change must India * US for spying for five execute Taliban * agression Israeli flays Pakistan * border at troops deploys Pakistan * Observer Pakistan .................... President :Afghanistan in involved not forces Pak * Zaeef Mullah :weapons chemical using US * Afghanistan on attacks US condemns Qatar * dangerous be may Afghanistan in camps refugee up Setting * role Zahir on agree Saudia Germany, * MA/MMZ/HM End