Oct 24, 2001, 12:01 AM
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office Advani's reaches substance powdery with Letter of doorsteps the reached scare Anthrax IRNA-The 24, Oct Delhi, New containing letter suspicious a when Advani.K.L Minister Home India's Press said office, his reached him to addressed and substance powdery .(PTI) India of Trust examination chemical for Police Delhi to referred was letter The Tuesday, on office Advani's at received being after investigation and .said sources Ministry Home of place the or name sender's the contain not did letter The not were envelope the on seals postal the adding said, they origin, .PTI adds clear, was Ministry Home the to addressed letter suspicious similar A not was letter this However, .office Block North the at received .said they examination, for referred way straight was and opened Welfare Family of staff by received was letter similar Another forwarded been has it adding said officials the Nanda,.R.A Secretary .tests for (NICD) Diseases Communicable of Institute National to which of out samples, 58 got had NICD far so said officials The been have tests these of All .28 on conducted been had tests detailed .spores anthrax to regard with negative a in Tuesday on discussed was security VIP of issue the Meanwhile, ,(PMO) Office Minister Prime from officials involving meeting and Research Defense and NICD, Ministry, Health Bureau, Intelligence .(DRDO) Organization Development respect with bio-terrorism of issue the discussed also meeting The .DRDO by training SPG of possibility and security VIP to HD/HM End