Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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soon finalized be to contract plant steel Hormozgan industries Deputy -- IRNA 23, Oct ,.Prov Hormozgan Abbas, Bandar is Plant Steel Hormozgan of building for tender the that said minister first the by finalized be would contract the and now terminated .2002 year the of quarter the in that Abbas Bandar in IRNA told Tuesday Moazenzadeh Mostafa been have companies foreign and domestic 6 plant, the build to tender foreign and domestic 10 and furnaces reduction steel for selected .part casting and making steel the for selected were companies of production for intended is plant this of building that said He .exports for ingots steel of tons million 6.1 is credit million 500 dlrs that said minister industries deputy The funded be to going is that plant this building for needed Central the with made being now are negotiations and domestically .regard this in Iran of Bank of people the of wishes oldest the of one is plant steel Hormozgan fulfill must we and years many so for delayed been has that Hormozgan industries of minister deputy the people, the of expectation this .said the of capacity the plant this of utilization by that added He .year per tons million 9 surpass would production steel country's is sector steel of creating employment the that said Moazenzadeh Plant Steel Hormozgan In .job direct every for jobs indirect 12 .employed directly be would 1,500 predicted is it that said he interview, his of part another In tons million 7 of level the reach would production steel the that .year this the that more percent 3 is figure this that added Moazenzadeh .production steel for undertakings BM/HR End