Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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intentionally lost team national that charges rejects Farahani Safaei- Mohsen Federation Football of Head -- IRNA 23, Oct Tehran, national the that allegations Tuesday here rejected strongly Farahani game qualifying Cup World its lost intentionally had team football .Sunday on Bahrain against apparent players the for reason no was there that said He .morale of lack and indifference defeat the blamed Tehran, from MP an also is who Safaei-Farahani, ''Iranian adding, lightly, team Bahraini the taking of mistake the on well and rested well were and Saturday on practice good a had side ''.fed Bahrain that impression allay to tried also coach head the said He not would game the that players the to stressed had and team weak a is and player among problems no were there Moreover, .over walk a be .stated he coaches, and them between to truth no been have there that stressed Safaei-Frahani conclusion, forgone a was defeat the that insinuating assertions World 2002 the for qualified they if that knew players ''The adding, be also will they proud, nation the make would they only not Cup, ''.rise would money-value their and games the in showcased game the following lodged complaint Iran's of rejection's FIFA On received previously had team Bahraini two the of two that asserting added, he play, to ineligible them making therefore cards yellow two the of similarity to due risen has confusion the said had ''FIFA ''.names footballers' rejected and Blaezevic Miroslav Coach Head the backed also He .dismissal his for calls team's `national on statements the aside brushed Safei-Farahani the game, Bahrain the to prior that adding plays', inconsistent .row a in matches good 11 played had team national bad one with bad been has whole a as team the say not can ''One .said he match,'' on pitch the on walk will team national Iranian the that stated He .(UAE) Emirates Arab United beat to hope of lots with Thursday cannot ''We said he game the following Tehran in disturbances On public the shapes press The...opinion, public form or control ''.opinion losing Bahrain, with badly played team the although that said He the to apologize not need team national the and game the of part is .nation got players the of none that said federation football of head The .alleged been has as spectators Bahraini with skirmishes into 3-1 Iran defeated Bahrain Sunday, Manama in victory surprise a In .match qualifying Cup World the for by minutes 90th and 45th 7th, the at scored were goals Bahrain's Iran's .Mohammad Hussein Mohammad and Ali, Hossein Rahman, Abdullah .minute 80th the at Daie Ali by scored was goal only Sunday on arrested were hooligans football 700 some Meanwhile, public and streets the in disturbances causing for Tehran in night police a Bahrain, and Iran between match the of end the at places .Monday on IRNA told officer of vehicles the and banks 32 attacked hooligans the that said He .police the of those as well as passers-by of automobiles five attacked rioters the that said officer The and telephones public kiosks, ticket bus destroyed and passers-by .streets the in signs traffic the from explosives of kg five confiscated police that stated He .hooligans in gathered had fans football the that said officer police The in officials the against slogans chanting squares main 54 Tehran's .federation football national of charge police the released, been have rioters the of many how about Asked after Judiciary the to over handed were they that said officer the by decided be will release their and investigation preliminary .judges NB/AH End