Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Moscow in PM French meets Putin Vladimir President Russian -- IRNA/Itar-Tass/ACSNA 23, Oct Moscow, on Kremlin the in met Jospin Lionel Minister Prime French and Putin .Tuesday on reporters told Russia, to visit two-day a on is who Jospin, views of coincidence confirm will" Putin with meeting his that Monday ".areas many in economic of intensification sought Moscow in talks his said He .exploration space and field energy the in cooperation and partnership countries' two the address also will Jospin and Putin of talks The the in stability strategic terrorism, against fight the in cooperation Missile Anti-Ballistic Russian-American the over debates of context the and globalization economic non-proliferation, 1972, of Treaty .Iraq and East Middle Balkans, the in situation with satisfied was he that Jospin with meeting his at said Putin .leaders France's with contacts regular Chirac, Jacques President French with touch in was he said He with and energetically work" specialists countries' two the while ".relations bilateral of development the for results was which cooperation space discuss to ready was he stressed Putin on Kasyanov Mikhail Minister Prime Russian and Jospin by discussed .Monday established, is field aerospace the in cooperation Russian-French .said Putin .said he "prospects, beneficial mutually good many have we Here," female French a that fact the on Jospin congratulated Putin .again crew Russian a with space in is astronaut including retinue large a by Moscow in accompanied is Jospin Vaillant, Daniel Minister Interior Vedrine, Hubert Minister Foreign of executives and Schwarzenberg Roger-Gerard Minister Research Space and Defense Aeronautic European the and France Air Alcatael, .concern and economic several Monday on signed Kasyanov and Jospin energy and space in cooperation on including accords, scientific .fields for Center Control Mission Russian the visit to expected is Jospin France's with complete is which crew latest the with linkup radio a in Station Space International the for heading and Haignere Claudie .Soyuz spacecraft Russian the SS/AR End