Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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aid global urgent for calls Iran in office UNHCR of Head for Commissioner High Nations United of Head -- IRNA 23, Oct Mashhad, countries on called Tuesday here Lavachy Philippe (UNHCR) Refugees the for aid relief of pledges their fulfill to world the around .Afghanistan in crisis current of victims is Afghanistan in crisis present The" IRNA, told Lavachy countries the that and people of millions of lives the threatening their of payment the concerning solution a with up come should ".late too is it before aid promised one-million-dollar a for called first had UNHCR that added He .provided been has million 12 dlrs .S.U mere a far so but budget, aid million 584 dlrs .S.U the of part is budget the that noted He supply to Annan Kofi General Secretary .N.U the by requested package .refugees Afghan for aid relief the of out million 11 dlrs .S.U of sum pledged the Also" added, He been yet not has package aid requested initially million 50 dlrs .S.U ".provided distinct two of comprised programs UNCHR that said also He emergency termed those as well as programs, routine of categories .Afghanistan in crisis current the to related are which crisis the concerning programs emergency UNCHR that noted Lavachy .phases three in up followed and planned being are Afghanistan in for prepared getting of comprises phase first the that added He .Iran to refugees Afghan the of rush possible the UNCHR and Iran of government the case, a such in that noted He .support extend to ready be should by signed and) up drawn convention the to According" said, He is Iran 1951, in Switzerland Geneva, in (countries other among Iran ".refugees Afghan support and host to expected also of despatch the of comprises phase second The" added, He be will which territory, Afghanistan into supplies relief humanitarian in offices branch establish to allowed are we when only realized ".locally act may staff international our and Afghanistan transport to made are arrangements necessary Once" noted, Lavachy to allowed are staff our and Afghanistan into packages aid the residence their leave not will Afghans people, among them distribute ".hunger of grounds on possible general the on based is programs the of phase third The" to us enable will which Afghanistan in setup political the in change their to refugees Afghan returning towards attempts out direct .official UNHCR the said "homeland, but Iran, to limited just not are phases three The" added, Lavachy of offices branch by as well as offices UNCHR all in up followed are including countries neighboring Afghanistan's in commissions UN other ".Uzbekistan and Tajikistan Turkmenistan, Pakistan, normal under up followed be to programs UNCHR Concerning the to related directly are programs Our" said, he conditions, ".Afghanistan in situation our Afghanistan, in observed is improvement any Once" added, He return to be will government, Iran's of that to similar approach, ".respectfully country their to refugees Afghan the to contribute will UNCHR meanwhile that noted He neighboring other with along Afghanistan in process reconstruction .countries D.Ph a holding and Brazil in born Lavachy Philippe 53-year-old The a on France in working formerly was Sciences, Political in the at served he Earlier .position same the in four-year-term .office UNCHR London-based regional as America South in 18-year-term an served has he Also .representative UNCHR on Mashhad for left ago, days 10 Tehran in arrived who Lavachy, Khorasan the of charge in officials the with conferred he where Monday the discuss to affairs alien of department governor-general's province .Afghanistan in crisis and 1985 in established was Iran in office representative UNCHR in branches representative has agency the office, Tehran its besides .Orumiyeh and Ahvaz Zahedan, Mashhad, MP/AH End