Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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announced government Greek New Tuesday Simitis Costas Minister Prime Greek - IRNA 23, Oct Athens, but ministry defense the at faces changing cabinet, his reshuffled .post his in minister foreign the keeping .cabinet new the in faces new 19 are There :follows as is governmen Greek new the of composition The Christodoulakis Nikos :Finance and Economy National of Minister and Fotiadis Apostolos Pachtas, Christos :Undersecretaries .Floridis Giorgos Papandreou, George :Minister Foreign Yiannitsis Tasos :minister foreign Deputy Zafiropoulos, Yiannis :Undersecretaries .Magriotis Yiannis Papantoniou Yiannos :Defense of Minister .Lotidis Lazaros and Apostolidis Loukas :Undersecretaries and Administration Public Interior, of Minister Skandalidis Kostas :Decentralization .Benos Stavros and Papadimas Lambros :Undersecretaries Tsochatzopoulos Akis :Development of Minister Kalafatis Alekos Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios :Undersecretaries .Theodorou Christos and and Works Public Environment, of Minister Papandreou Vaso :Planning Land .Tsaklidis Yiannis and Zisi Rodoula :Undersecretaries Efthimiou Petros :Education of Minister Kourkoula Eleni and Gesoulis Nikos :Undersecretaries Reppas Dimitris :Security Social and Labor of Minister Tziolas Lefteris and Spiropoulos Rovertos :Undersecretaries Papadopoulos Alekos :Health of Minister Thanos Dimitrios Nasiokas, Ektoras :Undersecretaries .Tsouri Elpida and Dris Georgios :Agriculture of Minister .Hatzimichalis Fotis and Argiris Vangelis :Undersecretaries .Petsalnikos Filippos :Justice of Minister Venizelos Evangelos :Culture of Minister .Kourakis Yiannis and Alevras Nasos :Undersecretaries Christos :Telecommunications and Transportation of Minister Verelis .Vougias Spiros :Undersecretary Chrisochoidis Michalis :Order Public of Minister .Malesios Vangelis :Undersecretary .Anomeritis Giorgos :Marine Merchant of Minister Protopappas Christos :Media Mass and Press of Minister Hitiris Tilemachos :Undersecretary .Paschalidis Giorgos :Macedonia-Thrace of Minister .Sifounakis Nikos :Aegean of Minister .Manikas Stefanos :State of Minister NK/KS End