Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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authority highest 2nd Iran's as rights legal his defends Khatami (ties .S.U soccer, on speech Khatami's add To :REPETITION) Tuesday here Khatami Mohammad President -- IRNA 23, Oct Tehran, ranking highest second the as rights constitutional his defended .Leader supreme the after Republic Islamic the of authority rights constitutional president's the over controversy hyped-up A Judiciary the and him between notices of exchange the to led has Khatami's with initiated Hashemi-Shahroudi, Mahmoud Ayatollah Chief .MPs of prosecution courts' the to protest according president, the that chief judiciary the to stated I" "country, the of official supreme second the is Constitution, the to his on parliament the briefing after Tuesday here reporters told he .plans development the of head the being besides president, the that announced I" Khatami "Constitution, the of execution the for responsible is state, .added although force, in remains still which this, on law a is There" officials Iranian asked and said Khatami "deficiencies, some has it .duties his with him assist to president the as me, help to officials state all to appeal I" the for responsible is who authority ranking highest second the and "responsibilities, grave my with Constitution, the of execution .said Khatami the over controversy a following come statements The that announced Khatami after president, the of rights constitutional the which immunity political a contravened MPs of prosecution the .them for provided has Constitution Iranian Hashemi Mahmoud Ayatollah Chief Judiciary prompted notice The ".surprise a" letter Khatami's calling respond, to Shahroudi from MPs on rulings courts' Tehran protested had Khatami President Fatemeh Tehran from and Loqmanian, Hossein province Hamedan central for trial on put or arrested be not should deputies saying Haqiqatjou, .opinions their expressing President team, soccer national Iran's of performance the On soccer Iranian the of performance "overall" the defended also Khatami which Bahrain by Manama in Sunday on 3-1 defeated was which team World the for qualifying utomatic an for bid country's the blocked .Cup performed has Iran of team football national the believe I" well play not could they match last the in but altogether, well .said he "unpreparedness, psychological of because probably not should We .unsuccessful not is record overall team's The" the to reference in said he "defeat, one with everything scuttle A Group Asia's dominating was which team soccer national Iranian .Bahrain to losing before loss a without and strengthening needed team the of coaching the said Khatami .sector sports the in investments state more for called several with Iranians, soccer-mad shocked defeat surprise The .cities other some and Tehran around reported riots low-key after riots as well as celebrations unruly denounced Khatami of joy the exploit" who those on them blaming events, soccer ".people the youth country's the of image the obliterate individuals These" up was it adding said, he "with, dealt seriously be must they and of repetition the prevent to public the and authorities the to .incidents disruptive those raise should they issues, some about upset are demonstrators If" obvious an in said Khatami "channels, legal through up them thrown intentionally had team Iranian the that rumors to implication .pressure under derby Iran-Bahrain the he which celebrations wild "despicable" denounced president The and civilian damaged and indignation citizens' the caused said .properties state-owned victories national over happiness of expression and Jubilation" to right the have youth beloved Our .group certain a to belong not do .added he "regale, buildings state several damaged had rioters that said have Press match Iran-Bahrain the after rampage of nights two during cars and .Manama in arrested been have people several officials, police to According .events the in meetings secret any out ruled Khatami relations, .S.Iran-U On saying sections, press some in reported as ,.S.U the and Iran between ".ties political any hold not do currently" countries two the two the between talks secret or word new been has There" via contacted only had countries two the adding said, he "countries, respective their in interests their of care take which offices .issue Afghan the on group 6+2 the and capitals wake the in region the in developments recent that it had Rumors rapprochement a to led had Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the of security secret held had they that and Washington and Tehran between .meetings severed which .S.U the with relations diplomatic no had has Iran the stormed path Imam's the following students the after ties its for hostage staff its took and 1979 in Tehran in embassy American .days 444 terror 11 September the condemn to swift was Republic Islamic The also has but centers defense and trade American the on attacks also they saying Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced .civilians targeted against campaign 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