Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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al-Khalil near Palestinian abducts army Occupation on soldiers occupation Israeli Undercover -- IRNA 23, Oct Al-Khalil, Khursa, of village his at 37, Itbeish, Salameh Yousef abducted Tuesday .Al-Khalil of west south km 18 raided laborers, as disguised soldiers, Zionist said Locals handcuffed hours, morning early in village the at home Itbeish's .destination unknown an to him took then and him blindfolded and Islamic the of member a be to believed is teacher, a Itbeish, .organization Jihad for 1991 in Lebanon southern to Israel by deported was He to opposed groups resistance Palestinian with identifying .apartheid and occupation Israeli oppose even or resist who Palestinians all considers Israel ".terrorists" as occupation brutal and oppression murderous Israel's KA/NK/KS End