Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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anti-Taliban of term correct use to media world urges Afghanistan forces Tuesday here Embassy Afghanistan The -- IRNA 23, Oct Lumpur, Kuala apply to community world the and media news international the urged instead "Front United The" forces, anti-Taliban the for title correct .media the by "Alliance Northern the" as known commonly of is it" said, embassy the here, IRNA to faxed statement a In at community world and media news international the important highly term the with associated connotations and fallacy the understand large title correct the apply end that to and Alliance' Northern 'The of of Salvation the for Front National and Islamic United 'The while ,(Front United The) as known summarily (UINFSA) Afghanistan ".Axis Laden Pakistan-Taliban-bin the fighting forces the addressing and Taliban the that term a was "Alliance Northern" said It sole a with disseminate to sought have masters Pakistan their the that community international the upon impress to objective; Afghanistan northern of people the only represent forces anti-Taliban majority -- Pashtuns the against are implication by and, .Taliban in representation political a in role central a play not therefore, And," .explained statement the "conflict, Afghan the of settlement was it when 1997 to back dates Front United the of origins The a comprising organisation umbrella an as time first the for up set to open remaining yet and parties political Afghan leading of number .supporters foreign their of irrespective groups, Afghan patriotic all well up make who Afghanistan, of people non-Pashtun the Although" majority have to came population country's the of percent 60 over whom of number certain a Pashtuns, the front, the in representation non-Pashtun and Pashtuns Pakistani predominantly the formed have of members active now are Front, the to welcomed also were Taliban, .said Embassy the "levels, field and leadership both at front the policy underlying the portrays "Front United" title the added It groups ethnic all uniting at aimed Afghanistan of state Islamic the of the of society diverse ethically the of recognition in Afghanistan of .country couple a were there that remind to important is it stated, Thus" ranking Front United the of part are leaders Pashtun prominent of Rome the of representatives with agreement 1 Oct the who delegation, Shah Zahir Mohamad Afghanistan, of King former the by headed Process .Italy Rome, in credible and inclusive only the is Front United The" actual today's in present structure political-military representative .concluded statement the "Afghanistan, in scene military political bn/RR End