Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Kashmir in attack suicide for Pakistan blames Vajpayee Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime IRNA-India's 23, Oct Delhi, New an at militants by attack suicide the for Pakistan blamed virtually the of "proof" a was it saying Monday on Srinagar near base airforce .(PTI) India of Trust Press said terrorism, border cross the and terrorism cross-border with continuing is Pakistan" told Vajpayee this, of proof a is airbase the attack to attempt on Pradesh Uttar of State Indian Northern in Lucknow in reporters .Monday forces security when killed were civilian a and militants Four Srinagar from kms 30 airbase, Awantipura on attack suicide the foiled .PTI adds ,(J&K) Kashmir and Jammu in Musharraf Pervez with meeting immediate any out ruled Vajpayee .terrorism cross-border stops Pakistan until terrorist at strikes military contemplating was India if Asked a such on questions" said Vajpayee Kashmir, Pakistan in camps ".replied nor asked be neither should issue sensitive conference press a at said he "conclusions, own your draw can You" a out ruling was he whether asked when (House Governor) Bhawan Raj at United the of sidelines the on Musharraf and him between meeting .Assembly General Nations was policy foreign India's that suggestion dismissed also He .S.U the by guided during India on pressure brought had .S.U the that disclosed He in was which land some up give should India that conflict Kargil .occupation Pakistani had he that recalling said Vajpayee "that, accept not did we But" There" .invited was he though even time that Washington to gone not .said he "one, any to succumbing of question no is on pressure put .S.U the that assertion an rejected Vajpayee and recently (LoC) Control of Line the along shelling stop to India into infiltration check to intended was there shelling recent the said .valley Kashmir the positively responded not had .S.U that felt he whether asked When in terrorism supporting for Pakistan denounce to suggestion India's to ".so not is it" said Vajpayee Kashmir, .said he "regard, this in concern our share does .S.U The" it that said Monday on spokesperson Ministry Affairs External India's meeting a for Pakistan from communication formal any received not has Pervez President and Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime between General .N.U the of sidelines the on month next York New in Musharraf .session Assembly HD/HM End