Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tuesday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 23, Oct Islamabad, .23 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... adventurism any against warned India * refugees on agree Taliban Pakistan, * Pakistan supports President Kyrgyzstan * Ramzan before war to end wants Musharraf * Taliban :bombing hospital Herat in die 100 * Pakistan to talk to declines Vajpayee * needed not Afghanistan for Plan Marshall says Powell * News The ........... frontlines Taliban bomb jets US * anthrax of die workers postal US 2 * Omar to Osama from shifts focus US * threat campaign long by Musharraf rebuffs US * Kabul for status zone' 'neutral for Musharraf * Nation The ............. Taliban claim downed, helicopters Two * border sealed through way force refugees Afghan * Pakistan with talks out rules Vajpayee * Taliban says act, terrorist a Killings * intervention divine claims Omar * airbase Kashmir Indian on attack in killed 5 * Post Frontier The ................... long stay to not US guarantees Musharraf * fire trade troops Indian Pak, * campaign mily against hands join politicians clerics, Pak * govt Afghan future in Taliban for role NO * Report :weapons' chemical using 'US * Observer Pakistan .................... Indonesia in drown 350 than More * border chaman cross Afghans 6,000 * Taliban say intact, Al-Qaeda power, Mily * Rabbani behind weight throws Putin * MA/MMZ/HM End