Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Media Indian from Headlines Indian the in appeared headlines following IRNA-The 23, Oct Delhi, New :Tuesday on press Age Asian The ** guards Kabul hits US - Taliban claim hospital, Herat in killed 100 - warfare chemical No :US - lesson a India teach to ready Pervez - repelled J&K in airbase on raid (suicide) Fidayeen - fire Kashmir in burnt houses 200 - Vajpayee :terror stops Pakistan till talks No - talks up holds plan 'moderate' Pakistan - Taliban Pakistan, on heat put Bombs - Vajpayee :land' Kargil up give to India asked 'US - 5%.6 to cut Rate Bank - 5%.5 to lowered be to Ratio Reserve Cash - deals with news Breaking :CNN - car your see can spy space Indian :Image New - cleric Pakistan :jihad not issue Kashmir - Times Hindustan The ** foiled airbase J&K at attack Suicide - hit be to savings cheaper, borrowing makes RBI - Chennai in Sriharikota from satellites three launched PSLV - Vajpayee :Pakistan with talks No - India of Times The ** Madhok :Minister Prime weakest Vajpayee - Rabbani with deal seals Putin - soon Govt into Bangaru take may Vajpayee - panel says tribal, a not is Jogi Ajit - destroyed hospital Heart - Pradesh Andhra in PWG in fizz no but blast, in hit Coke - Statesman The ** China Russia, say strikes, Stop - Taliban :weapons chemical has Pentagon - foiled airport J&K on attack Ultras' - Vajpayee :move VHP by hampered talks Ayodhya - rate bank in cut announces RBI - Times Economic The ** slowdown out smoke to war rate declares RBI - 2% by CRR slashes 5%.0 Rate Bank Cuts - rates cut to pressure under be will Banks - quiver his from arrow best the shot he's says Jalan - HD/HM End