Oct 23, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Khorasan in arrive aid humanitarian of aircrafts Seven managing A'ni, Younes -- IRNA 23, Oct , .Prov Khorasan Mashhad, here announced Ani Younes society crescent red Khorasan of director refugees Afghan for aid humanitarian of aircrafts seven that Tuesday .organizations international by Mashhad to dispatched been have 270 weighted which aid these that said Ani IRNA, to Speaking Arab United the as such destinations the from sent been have tons, .Mashhad to Denmark and Emirate the to dispatched be will consignments the that said Ani .formalities through going after camps refugees Afghan of tons 46 rice, of tons 32 of includes cargoes received The of sorts different of tons 30 sugar, of tons 26 over flour, .etc bins, conserved in camp tent a up set Society Crescent Red National Iranian The wave new a of exodus the predicting ago, month a about region the .attacks US-led the of beginning the following refugees Afghan of HJ/JB End