Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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India tells Musharraf threats, hurling Stop Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistan - IRNA 22, Oct Islamabad, should it threats hurling of instead that India upon called Monday .negotiations of course the adopt are who those reminded President the PTV the with interview an In any of benefits reaped have would India that agitation to resorting .Pakistan by decision wrong with align to decision government's the of result a as said He now are interests strategic country's coalition, international the .safe and Defence for Ministers Indian the of statements to Referring .India benefit not and harm would threats said he Interior, the by movement some been has there said Musharraf Pervez General Pakistan that assurance an our held but force air and army Indian said He .motherland the defend to prepared fully are forces armed at attempt any and misgiving any entertain not should leaders Indian .force full with retaliated be would misadventure the of advantage take to India allow not would Pakistan said He .situation current and world entire the that satisfaction with noted President The stressed and dispute a as Kashmir recognized have Nations United the .settlement negotiated a for need the that leaders world the to clear it made has he said President The do to nothing has and struggle freedom is Kashmir in happening is what .terrorism the with should organisations rights human international that demanded He seventy how themselves for see to Kashmir Occupied visit to allowed be indigenous is it said He .martyred been have Kashmiris thousand should leadership Indian said He .people Kashmiri of struggle freedom this of solution for Pakistan with negotiations into engage .problem longstanding leaders political and religious told had he said President The not is government the of decision the that them with meetings during .Islam against be must terrorism state the that emphasized President The .defined Prime British including leaders world told has he said He that Powell Colin State of Secretary US the and Blair Tony Minister, including disputes international the all that unfortunate was it as considered are Chechneya and Kosovo Bosnia, Palestine, Kashmir, .Muslims of issues He .perspective true their in them project to need a is There Kashmir and Palestine of resolution for need the stressed he said .problems TK/MMZ/JB End