Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy Taliban :100 kills hospital, Herat bomb Americans Monday planes fighter British and American -- IRNA 22, Oct Islamabad, than more killing province, Herat Afghanistan's in hospital a bombed Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla Pakistan to envoy Taliban people, hundred one .announced bombardment the that Islamabad in conference news a told Zaeef .staffers other and nurses doctors, patients, killed and clinics two hit also aircraft British and American the said He an said He .civilian 18 killing province, Oruzgan in shops several .province Helmend of area Registan in down shot was plane American by people Afghan the targeting intentionally are planes American" used never were which weapons, destructive and sophisticated the using effaced also was province Nangarhar in village A .war any in before sites civilian are There .planes American by bombing after completely .said he "places, military from far located and inhumane the time of passage the with that said Zaeef Mulla Afghan thousand far so as naked becoming is America of face brutal including raids air American by killed been have civilians innocent .children and women men Bush by committed attack terrorist open an is it view our In" them punish to and people Afghan the terrorize to administration ."system Islamic an in believe they because giving is civilians targeting avoiding of instead Pentagon said He .areas residential on attacks the of justification wrong that implying York New in killed were people 6,000 that says It" of that as act terrorist a is Afghanistan in casualties civilian the the with stained are Administration Bush the of hands The .York New kill to mean not does Superpower .people Afghan innocent of blood .envoy Afghan the said "impunity, with people souls the annoying is administration Bush the that said envoy The and people innocent the murdering by York New in killed those of escaped have FBI and CIA" .suspicion mere on country our attacking squarely blame the putting by culprit real the find to failure their .said he "Afghanistan, on as truth by stand to conscience humane have who those on called He be should it and Afghans of genocide to resorted have Americans things great do must superpower A" .terms strongest the in condemned in doing now is it as bloodshed and atrocities commit not .said he "Afghanistan, to able be never will it that administration Bush the told He atrocities, by Afghans the of determination and will the break loves that nation a is This" .weapons sophisticated and genocide .said he "that, prove will Time .life than more faith and independence Taliban the all said and ranks Taliban within rifts denied He Mulla leader supreme the of leadership the under united is leadership to visit recent the that impression the dispelled He .Omar Mohammad Mohammad Commander Affairs Border for Minister Taliban by Pakistan .Taliban the within differences any of result the was Haqqani beaten have fighters Taliban that said he question, a to Replying capture to alliance northern opposition the by attack an back .Mazar-e-Sharif TK/MMZ/AH End