Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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EU with relations improved Iran's on comments Daily to that demonstrated have developments Recent -- IRNA 22, Oct Tehran, a create and growth, economic and stability peace, international forge of quality the improve to imperative is it violence, of free world and North the of countries the between ties economic and political editorial its in said Daily Iran newspaper English-language the South, .Monday on column cooperation limiting of doctrine political the now time some For lost has framework South-South or North-North the in countries among now hemispheres two the that reality indisputable the against appeal .said it closer, get to need the between bonds cultivate to will strong a exists there Today," no is there concerned, are Europe and Iran as far As .South and North been not have which relations historical their in experience bitter .out pointed daily the "resolved, two the between ties improve help indeed can observed, it This, European the and Iran between cooperation beneficial mutually A .sides .noted editorial the essential, is Union economic and geopolitical the overlook can observer impartial No" same the By .Asia Central and East Middle the in Iran of significance can power, industrial and technological its of light in Europe, token, .said it "Iran, for partner reliable a as regarded be recent the in traced be can ties Iran-EU better for prospects The adding, daily, the said Tehran, to officials EU high-ranking of visits Italian and German the of visits upcoming the to refer also can One" ".respect this in Iran to ministers foreign and Ahani Ali ministers, foreign deputy Iranian two between Talks are weeks past the in officials EU senior with Zarif, Javad Mohammad EU-Iran place to determination joint the of indication another yet .out pointed it pedestal, higher a on interaction with meeting a in Parliament, European the of Head Fonte, Nicole .added daily the cooperation, bolster to need the underlined Zarif South and North between proximity Brussels, in meeting the In" relations foreign EU the Patten, Chris .reviewed also was forging for need the to pointed Zarif with talks his in commissioner, .Iran and Europe between bonds strong voiced Bouk Day minister, foreign deputy Belgian Furthermore," One .Republic Islamic the with ties trade improve to desire Europe's fruit bear will developments positive these that assert fairly can two-way improving for measures serious take EU the and Iran when only with start could this that obvious is It .ties economic and political .observed daily the "agreements, trade bilateral of signing the any that overlooked be cannot and not should it However, side neither that necessitates ties two-way in improvement meaningful .concluded Daily Iran parties, third by influenced be SS/AH End