Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Thailand in nationwide protests anti-US of thousands of Tens tens force, of show unprecedented an In -- IRNA 22, Oct Lumpur, Kuala on country the around provinces in gathered Muslims of thousands of the with solidarity demonstrating at aimed prayers mass for Sunday that on strikes -led.S.U the denouncing and Afghanistan of people .Monday on reported Post' `Bangkok the country, Thailand of Organizations Muslim of Council Bangkok-based The calling statement a issued also event, the of organizers ,(CMOT) its and States United the from services and goods of boycott a for .strikes the in allies effigy an Pattani, of province southern Muslim-dominated the In were flag Kingdom's United the and Bush .W George President .S.U of .service prayer the alongside held protest a during burned gathering largest the In .held also was ritual cursing Arabic An the on service prayer a attended people 50,000 estimated an ever, .border Malaysia's near Airport, Thong Bo Pattani's of tarmac Thailand of Centre Islamic the at gathered people 2,000 than More .district Tan Khlong Bangkok's in Thammarat, Si Nakhon in held also were services prayer Similar .Ayutthaya and Chachoengsao Sawan, Nakhon Kaen, Khon Mai, Chiang Yala, 3pm about at simultaneously almost started prayers five-minute The .police of eye watchful the under ,(time local) of names the and Muslims Thai from signatures collected CMOT its campaign, boycott the in part taking organizations .Sunday on said Hasan, Niti secretary-general, British and .S.U by manufactured goods of list a said He soft and toiletries as such products consumer companies--including of south the in communities Muslim to distributed be drinks--would .country the the of Organization the to forwarded be also would list The such countries, Muslim neighboring in groups and Conference Islamic .added Niti support, their show to Malaysia, and Indonesia as strikes the if "measures other" take could community Muslim The .elaborating without said he continued, according and peacefully taken be would actions any added, he But, is which Thailand, of Committee Islamic Central the of rules the to Sawas Chularajmontri leader, Muslim highest country's the by chaired .Sumalayasak address to Nations United the on called also statement CMOT The .Palestine in violence the as well as conflict ongoing the Phetprasert, Narong started, Bangkok in service prayer the Before a gave Economics, of Faculty University's Chulalongkorn of dean vice .conflict Afghanistan the on lecture brief was Afghanistan on raid .S.U the behind reason real the said He .country that in oil crude the to access gain to the against unite to world the around Muslims for time It's" Narong "planet, this destroying is that hand evil an States, United .said country the ensure to government Thai the on called also He with ties economic improving by .S.U the on dependent less becomes .states Eastern Middle and China countries, ASEAN the bearing T-shirts sold vendors gathering, Bangkok the At .Laden bin Osama suspect terror Saudi-born of image aid in efforts relief for donations up took also organizers The neighboring for fighting the fled have who refugees Afghan of .countries painted owners shop province, Muslim-dominated another Yala, In .products American for advertisements overt of chamber province's the of chairman Suthorncharoennont, Boworn local because well as Thais affect could boycott the said commerce, .brands targeted the of many sell people business would provinces Narathiwat and Satun Pattani, Yala, Thailand's .added he particular, in targeted be Muslim, are people million 65 Thailand's of percent five Some have malaysia bordering provinces southernmost five the and .populations Muslim predominantly bn/LS/RR End