Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Monday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines following the -- IRNA 22, Oct Islamabad, :22 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn relief debt immediate of Pakistan assures US * Kashmir in action' `specific of warns India * Kabul in silent fall guns as attacks intensifies US * wreckage helicopter's of pieces find `Taliban * killed 4 :towns six roam tanks Israeli * News The Balochistan near upon fired choppers US * minister :5bn.$2 Pakistan cost can war Afghan * troops US counter to civilians arm to Taliban * jihad for tribals Pak woos Omar Mulla * border Afghan open to pressure under Pakistan * Nation The attempt landing second troops US foil Taliban * alive netted be will Osama says Pentagon * Laden Bin kill to told CIA * border Afghan closes Pakistan * York New in meet may Vajpayee Musharraf, * Post Frontier The province Ghor of retaking claim Taliban * crisis Afghan discuss Annan Kofi Khatami, * Laden Bin eliminate to CIA empowers Bush * Afghanistan to troops sending denies Germany * commandos US fight to vows cabinet Afghan * Observer Pakistan Herat Kabul, in mount losses Civilian * Kabul near hostage held newsmen Foreign * Taliban say far, so killed Afghans 1,000 * son loses Omar * Pakistan in base another to access allowed forces US * Afghanistan in war end to help UN seeks Iran * MA/LS/AR End