Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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PSLV-C3 launches successfully India Vehicle Launch Satellite Polar The -- IRNA 22, Oct Delhi, New at Center SHAR the from today successfully off lifted -C3(PSLV) of state Indian southern the in Chennai from kms 70 about Sriharikota, .Monday (PTI) India of Trust Press said Nadu, Tamil into placing vehicle the with success perfect a was mission The" "planned, Belgian--as and German satellites--Indian, three the orbit .said sources ISRO (time local) 23am:10 at place took lift-off awaited much The weather the of worries amid (SHAR) Range High Sriharikota from .truant playing possibly India's orbit polar into put mission fifth its on PSLV-C3 the satellites, tiny other two and satellite experimental technology .Proba satellite Belgian and Bird German less weighing each satellites, smaller the reports, to According Experimental Terrestrial) TES the on piggyback ride will kg, 100 than as used be to is TES .satellite remote-sensing kg 1,008 a ,(Satellite be also may and technologies spacecraft future for ground testing a .sensing remote and communications both for used 1,200 placing of capable is and tons 294 of weight a has PSLV The .orbit sun-synchronous polar km, 817 in payloads kg kg 100 carries PSLV the time second the is launch Monday's IRS-P4 launched PSLV Earlier, .countries foreign of satellites of DLR-Tubsat the and KTsat-3 Korean the with along (Oceansat) .1999 May, in Germany currently was ISRO of team mission the that PTI told sources SHAR launch the evaluating and satellites the of health the monitoring .data would PSLV the said Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime Indian .purposes peaceful for be in (NGOs) organizations non-governmental of meeting a Addressing said Vajpayee Pradesh, Uttar of state Indian northern the in Lucknow .satellites Belgian and German board on had PSLV the parliamentary his to visit one-day a on Lucknow in is Vajpayee .constituency IND/LS/AR End