Oct 22, 2001, 12:01 AM
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million US$360 at estimated gold strikes Thailand reported Mining, Akra company, Thai A -- IRNA 22, Oct Lumpur, Kuala 32 of deposits gold potential with mine a found had it that week last report a ,(million US$360) baht billion 16 than more worth tons, .said 360 province, Phichit in Phanompa Mount near located mine, The silver of tonnes 90 contain to believed also is Bangkok, of north km .ore has Resources, Mineral of Department the by confirmed news, The currently is who Shinawatra, Thaksin Minister Prime by hailed been in summit (APEC) Cooperation Economic Asia-Pacific the attending .Sunday on Nation The daily, Thai the to according Shanghai, he "production, commercial for enough large is discovery This" glad I'm" :adding Saturday, on broadcast radio weekly his in said ".finds gold of talk the all after reports similar when April in incident an to referring was He Treasury .S.U and bars gold of amount significant that circulated had by province Kanchanaburi western in cave a in stashed been had bills be to out turned It .II Ward World during soldiers Japanese retreating .hoax a the to support moral give to cave the visited who Thaksin, .incident the by embarrassed hugely was diggers, bought Consolidated, Gate King's Australia's of subsidiary a Akra, in gold for prospect to government Thai the from concession mining a .1993 in province Phichit gold major first company's the be to believed is discovery The .Phanompa Mount near controls it land of piece huge the on find of hordes attracted has area Phanompa Mount in potential gold The .years past the over opportunists is and town busy a into turned has village sleepy once The latest the to thanks now, people more even attract to expected .discovery Nation' `The told Udompornvivat Suraphon Executive Senior Akra's .soon begin would production commercial that company the ,(ounce per US$280) price gold depressed the Despite the from year a bahts billion one of revenues generate to expects .metal precious the of sale King Thai to bar gold kg 9 first the present to plans also It .December in birthday his on Adulyadej Bhumibol from royalties collect to expect can government the Although the to difference significant a make to unlikely is amount the Akra, loan international billion US$17 a include which debts, country's .crisis economic 1997 the during government Thai the by taken Khiri Prachuab in 1647 as back far as Thailand in found was Gold .provinces southern both Narathiwat, in recently more and Khan, three from mined been have gold of kg 2,000 than more date, To .country the in locations major BN/LS/AR End