Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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immunity parliamentary of question resolve may referendum says MP Consultative Islamic Iran's of Vice-Speaker -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, a that Sunday here said Khatami Mohammadreza (majlis) Assembly proposition the to answer an offer eventually may referendum national presidential of extent the and MPs of immunity parliamentary of .topic that on deadlock a at arrive should majlis if prerogatives issue that on express however already is constitution the said He questions the added He .interpretations opposite allow not does and constitution the of text the disputed which people certain by raised He .leanings political personal their of result the as solely were explicit is what to eyes their closed deliberately had they said .constitution Iranian the in a of issue the up brought have MPs several although said, He it board presiding Majlis the to come to it for referendum, national ''.issues ''important the among be to has that added he issues, the of ruling (GC) Councils' Guardian the On people some why know not do ''I .present are interpretation their issues the stonewall to want they if think I .ruling a such neglect has law The ''.decide to have people the then law, the contravene and parliament if clear, ''very referendums ''holding of question the made the place, take will it then referendum, a have to decides the of asked when said, Khatami issue, this confirms also constitution .issue that on referendum a with opposition GC's of likelihood referendum, a to put been also has itself Constitution The its of some with agree not may GC the ''although reiterated Khatami is it people the by approved been has it because but, principles, ''.binding GC's the needs that bill parliamentary a not is referendum A the whatever and people the of view general the is It .approval .said Khatami respected, be to has it result with solely states the of laws the cite people some that said He .agenda political or personal own their promoting of purpose the the in stressed fact in is judges the of independence the said He political cases some in that doubt little is there us for ''but law, judicial than rather actions of basis the been have consideration way strange a have people ''some added Khatami ''.independence ''.purpose their suits it when laws the interpreting of different for room no is there unambiguous, is law the When .interpretations national by issues' 'important deciding of question the On the in mentioned been has Parliament ''the said he referendum .tasks'' such out carry to authority the as constitution If .issues'' ''important these determine can MPs than other Nobody, it'', to object can ''nobody then referendum a approves parliament the .remarked Khatami Mahmoud Ayatollah chief Judiciary the to letter a In the over concern expressed Khatami week, last Hashemi-Shahroudi political a contravened practice this saying MPs, the of prosecution .deputies the for recognizes Constitution Iranian the which immunity reminding ,"surprise a" was letter the said chief judiciary The national and unity requires region the of situation current the" that letter, The" ".authorities the of unanimity further as well as harmony and MPs two of case the with connection in 30, September on received of cause the was media the and Internet the on coverage subsequent its .said Shahroudi Ayatollah "surprise, a has law Iranian the which responsibilities the of reminded also He the saying judiciary, the as well as authority executive the in vested of branches three the of heads the by settled be to needed issue .government the issues the of repeatedly complained yourself have you As" arguments such society, the in tensions and crises up stoke which in examined be should studies, legal and scientific careful need which and attention media the into brought being before circles expert .added Shahroudi Ayatollah "doubt, and concern of cause a becoming from MPs on rulings courts' Tehran protested had Khatami President Haqiqatjou, Fatemeh Tehran from and Loqmanian, Hossein Hamedan central the for trial on put or arrested be not should deputies saying .deputies majlis as expressed they that opinions she after August in jail in months 22 to sentenced was Haqiqatjou and court by prisoners of mistreatment and torture of allegations made .authorities prison jail in months 13 to sentenced been has Loqmanian colleague Her been has Mousavinejad, Issa third, A .judiciary the slandering for Iran western in unrest public in role his for prison in year one given .appeals their pending free are three All .year last NB/HR End